Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kennedy and Five Seconds of Analysis

Something you didn't really notice...the news folks didn't chat about....and the talky-talk pretender journalists didn't mention.

Ted Kennedy died this week and you've heard just about every single Democrat share their moment of "love" about Ted....except the Clintons or anyone close to the Clintons. Did you wonder why?

There is this dramatic moment in the early part of primary season of 2008....where Hillary and Obama were neck and neck. Hillary had the chance to move ahead. Then, here out of the blue came Senator Ted and his endorsement of Obama. The Hillary campaign effort got tossed from fourth gear to third the matter of one hour. It was a dramatic point.

What came from this mighty endorsement? It is an amusing thing to watch summer 2008 come and the Obama camp needed a team to pick the VP. Caroline Kennedy was amongst the three members of the team. Episodes came to develop around the two other members and they both had to step out of the situation. So Caroline became the one and only member of the VP selection team and had chats with Obama over the selection process.

It's curious how she came to be in this process. She wasn't a political player and she didn't have known skills in this process. Did Ted help in making this possible...with his "nod"?

As time eased by....then came the picking of Hillary for Secretary of State...and her stepping out of the senate seat for NY. It appears that the governor and the his close advisors didn't consider her advice over selection of the replacement.....and Caroline again became the "solution". Senator Ted's involvement?

The suggestion that Caroline would be given the senate seat and then help to fill VP Biden's position in 2012? This rumor came out and went around for several weeks. Then came the falling out over Caroline's lack of experience and 1-star speech ability. Caroline's golden ticket came and went.

So as you sit there now....and no comments come from a number of key Clinton players.....and you wonder might want to ponder what Ted was planning in the spring of 2008 and his "deal" with the President.

And if Ted had never endorsed Obama? What if he had picked Hillary? That's a "what-if" situation and we could discuss that for hours....over some fine brandy and excellent cigars.

The Girl

In recent years...a number of folks have come out of the sail solo around the world. It's become a fantasy for thousands.

Sailing is one of those things that attract certain people. It's not a easy skill to pick up. There are constant variables involved in every hour of sailing. The wind is always a focus. The storms approaching are always a worry. The next port to hit for restocking your supplies is always in your mind. There is nothing simple about this....especially if you intend to travel alone.

In recent days...out of the Netherlands....some 13-year old girl has climbed out of the pit and announced that she intends to sail around the world.....solo.

Naturally, most folks are now asking serious questions about this. It's just not that simple. And apparently relying upon her parents to control her or talk sense into her....isn't going to be possible. So the Dutch court is now involved. Their reaction: "undeniably daring and risky." But they haven't said absolutely no yet.

At present, the Dutch court system has now ordered the local authorities to take temporary guardianship of Laura Dekker. The court isn't going to rely upon the parents any longer.

The goal was simple for Laura....sail a 26-fooot yacht named Guppy around the world.....solo.

Part of this court effort now centers on a child psychologist who is supposed to examine Laura and determine just how capable she is to the idea of 24 months on the ocean....alone. The psychologist is also suppose to make her aware of the risks involved.

Approximately a month from now....the court will decide on this case...whether to deny her or to let her go.

The father involved....apparently has tried to talk to over the issue and originally suggested waiting....later shifting to making the trip as safe as possible because she was refusing to accept his suggestions.

I sat and pondered over this question of maturity and the idea of letting some thirteen year old kid do something like this.

I could understand letting the kid make a France to England journey alone....barely a day required for that. I could understand a Denmark to Spain sail....along the coast....for seven days. I could understand a England to Egypt sail...taking perhaps up to a month. But a journey for two years? No.

I'd probably stand in the corner and tell her that some important things in life exist that she has simply not learned yet. I would toss out the idea of making a decision at 13 and making a decision at 18....where there is this mountain of difference. I would probably even mention the dozens of scenarios which she has never met in life....and may be shocked at the introduction of them into her life.

My guess is that the court will eventually convince her to stall or wait until 16....and then allow her to make the run. If they don't....why stop at thirteen years old? Why not allow an eleven year-old kid to make a solo tour? Why not let twelve year-old kids get a license and drive a car? Why not allow ten year-old kids purchase weapons? At some point, you have to view reality and come to rational decisions...but not at thirteen.