Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Messiah-They-Are Problem

I've defined a problem in society....which likely has been around for thousands of years. I'm calling it....the Messiah-They-Are problem.

Eric Hoffer, the greatest American thinker of the past one-hundred years....wrote a terrific book on mass movements (True Believer). Most of his thinking went toward a philosophy or a political group which manipulated society and convinced them to do things for the greater good or their agenda (both work well, if you are convinced). But Eric never went past that point to examine where a Messiah issue might exist.

In my problem....the Messiah-They-Are (MTA) find some group or society or mass of folks who have 'blessed' someone as their Messiah....either in a political, religious or leadership sort of way. It's kinda like having Billy Graham, Elvis, Jimmy Carter and Madonna all tied up into one personality. They can do no wrong.

Once you've gained MTA pretty much are cruising at 60 mph and no potential for stop-signs or red-lights.

This week....the Nobel Peace Prize committee demonstrated their MTA status by handing out a prize for things yet to come. They didn't want to apoligize for anything or give you a true explanation of their vision....except to say that good things would come from this episode. It's the kind of statement you'd expect from a overdosed MTA victum.

Since the spring of 2008, I've been watching this MTA feeling pop up. Some media figures now have a heavy problem and are very burdened with less than the truth in their mind. I've watched political figures try to convey some MTA feelings....then you could see this funny look on their face like they just admitted they farted or something. I've seen some international folks gush with some expression like "oh, I love America now that things have changed", but then they can't explain anything beyond MTA feelings....all fake.

Why do Messiah feelings exist? I think that people secretly want the Messiah. They would go to the ends of the earth to find their Messiah. Course, if he were Republican or some governor from Alaska....then reality would set in and they'd just deny this Messiah problem. Then patiently wait for the next potential Messiah to arrive.

The curious thing now is that comedians are now arriving upon the topic of the Messiah or MTA....and they really have no respect for it. They don't believe in this sort of thing and they really can't let believers off the hook. So they will take the believers for a ride....which eventually turns into a bucket of misery.

Whats worse than a bunch of Democratic pretenders who have the MTA problem? A bunch of Republican pretenders who have the MTA problem. Bluntly, either got issues and problems with reality.

So off in the Fjords of Norway....sit a couple of elite professor types....who have the MTA problem. They can't really settle this anxity or figure out the real issues. They simply have watched enough news bits and then discussed it forty times over between themselves....and then voted.

Later this mid December.....Time will choose their man of their year....and display their MTA problem. CNN will pick their man of the year, and display their MTA problem.

Eventually....people will start to laugh enough and MTA victums will realize how foolish they've become....but thats a pretty good distance away. So settle back and enjoy the MTA show. It can only get better.

Just Pay Like Everyone Else

So this is what happened. Julia E. Laack....36...of Sheboygan, WI....exited a store...carrying a few items that she didn't pay for.

The video at the place apparently caught the bag of beef jerky and a lighter that she took. Yep....beef jerkey.

So the cops got the call, reviewed the tape...and ran over to her house. There, trouble brewed.

Police say a Wisconsin woman stripped in front of her children in an attempt to avoid arrest for shoplifting, then scuffled with officers and exposed herself through a squad car window.

Julia initially refused to come over to the door. Then she started screaming and yelling four-letter words at the kids....insisting to one of the boys that this was his fault.

The cops were kinda patient....but eventually entered the house....trying to calm her down. Julia decided at that point, it was best to go into some kind of rampage and started stripping down to her underwear. Yep....bra and panties. I'm guessing the cops were a bit surprised by this...and still tried to calm her down.

She insisted at this point that they couldn't arrest her because she was naked. I sat and pondered over this. In Bama, we don't really have a law concerning arrests and nudity. If you happen to be nude at the time of the rest....the cops tend to be nice about it and give you a minute to put on some clothing. But if you don't play the game the right way...they kinda find a blanket and then toss you on the floor to handcuff you from the rear...then put the blanket around you.

The cops in this case...continued on....with handcuffs in hand. At this point, Julie decided the best strategy was to kick a cop in the "nuts" and spit on the other dude. Naturally, this tends to be one of those arrests that cops hate. You show up and arrest some dumbass in front of their kids, and they go into some weird unusual act....with nut-kicking. I suspect disability may be mentioned by this cop by next week...and the city will scratching their head on disability via nut-kicking.

So the cops finally dragged Julia out to the car....where she accomplished something really special.....exposing her butt against the rear window. I read this part and was wondering how you could get up on the rear like that and exposure yourself while handcuffed?

The cops did a alcohol test....0.112 percent so she was way over the limit of .08 of the local additional charges are suspected.

Julia spent most of Friday night in the jail. The local paper did try to call the house later to find more info but the guy who answered....kinda declined comment. You can imagine yourself...husband...getting off work....coming describing some weird arrest episode, and no dinner on the table.

Most of the charges....she might be able to get off to some degree....the assault on the cop? No....she'll end up with thirty days in humble guess, and a fine of $2k. She might lose her license for six months....if the judge was a bit disturbed by the whole thing. All over a lighter and some beef jerky. Frankly, I would have paid the $4 and avoided most other folks do at the store.

That's life in America....for better or worse.

Some Advice

The requirements package that General McChrystal needs for Afghanistan were kinda laid out in the news this week. The numbers? Well....he wants a the boys did in finally win in Afghanistan. He wants more than forty thousand, if possible. The White House isn't pleased and the elite media is asking questions over what really is going on now with White House strategy.

So lets pause a second here, and consider a simple this about winning or losing?

The Revolutionary War, for those who ever read over the topic extensively.....was never really won or lost. The British simply came to a point where they weren't going to expend anymore manpower, money, or effort.

The War of 1812? There were three basic battles, and the final New Orleans....basically gave the impression of a lost the British pulled out the logic of manpower, money and effort....and left.

The Civil War? By the end, General Lee lacked the resources to continue the the war truly ended. You could say that the North won.....but had Lee had more resources or had France offered help at the end....things would have simply carried on.

The Spanish-American War? It was a comical effort of sorts. Spain was a washed country by this point without any real military capability to take on France or Great Britain. By the end, they simply agreed that manpower, money and effort were finished.

World War I? It ends because Germany didn't have the resources to fight on, and the French-British team had a fresh partner with plenty of manpower, money and effort. Surrender in this case was absolute, but it also laid out the road to WW II.

World War II? Pretty much the same way....the Germans came to repeat the resources problem of WW I, and Japan came face to face with the simple use of two nuclear bombs. You could say we won the war because they both surrendered in a very weaken state.

The Korean War? There was simply a point where we (both sides) agreed to halt the war. North Korea never surrendered, and things kinda stand still in terms of the war (as far as the North Koreans are concerned).

Vietnam? We reached some accords and basically left. We didn't want to use up any more manpower, resources or effort. We didn't surrender but we really didn't care to fight anymore....we did the British 'thing'.

So now we come to Afghanistan and Iraq. In neither case....can we win. Shocking....isn't it? There is no objective of "winning" possible in either case. You can march out of Iraq in two years (perhaps) and just say "mission accomplished". That's the best you can do. As for Afghanistan? You can pick a point and just leave....saying the same thing, "mission accomplished".

So I'd like to suggest some radical strategy thoughts.

First, go and ahead and announce a removal of US troops from Iraq by November of next year, period. It doesn't matter if we stay or leave.....things can't get much better. Face it....some Saddam-like character is going to come up....invite fifty mullahs into a room and then tell them if any trouble occurs....they die. A week later....all fifty are killed by government death squads. After a couple hundred mullahs die....things suddenly go back to a very quiet Iraq. Kinda like the old days, remember.

Second, go and ahead and announce the complete removal of all troops in Afghanistan by the end of 2010. The Taliban will likely retake the government within two years....or the people of Afghanistan will rise up and annihilate all of the Taliban. That's the only possible outcome left for the country.

Then turn to South Korea. Say it's been nice, but heck.....we are bringing the 30,000 US troops home.....placing them at posts along the US Mexico border. Turn to North Korea and make it simple....we have no interest in them because they are a minor-league player. Then emphasize that you have five hundred facilities targeted and will nuke the heck out of the country if they attack South Korea.

Finally, turn to Europe and announce the removal of every single GI. Bring them back to the US and place them along the US-Mexico border as well.

When folks come and call for military help.....yank their chain and let them know that we weren't appreciated by many folks and we'd rather not get into their affairs anymore. We protect America...end of the story.

I realize this is pretty radical and probably will never occur....but we are walking around and pretending that there is a "win" and "lose" way to wars. The simple truth is that you reach a point where manpower, resources, and effort just aren't worth the outcome....and you walk away. This is not football, where winners prevail. This is real life. Good and evil don't necessarily you'd dream up on some fancy novel. Someone is willing to put resources, manpower and effort to counter another guy. In the end...someone has less than they thought.....and they finish their part of the game. Life goes on.