Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Contractor Doom, Doom I tell You

I’ve been a contractor for the Air Force for almost ten years now. I’ve seen just about everything….business-wise….that you’d expect, except until the last month or two.

The government made a quiet decision back in the mid-summer….to convert over one hundred contractor jobs on base to GS. The timing of this was a serious item of discussion. Most everyone had a problem….particularly, the company involved (which shall remain nameless).

So what neither the government guys or the contract company really grasped….the structure of various contracts. So as this switch to GS was to occur….contracts were running out, and they couldn’t be extended. Yep, you can imagine the mess when the personnel guys couldn’t move in and advertise the GS jobs “quick”.

So this week, the company started handing out layoff notices for a group of guys in one division with one contract (not my deal). The government guys are scratching their heads because their entire knowledge base….is being told to say “adios” at the end of November. So the boys are now sending out resumes and preparing to leave.

The government? They are rushing to get some kind of contract in place….to fill this period….and keep their expertise intact. There’s virtually zero chance of things working.

You can see the entire problem with GS employees now. I watched my case as it occurred. I answered my advertisement at the end of July….I waited sixty days before they called for a interview. I was told a month ago that I was the pick, but had to wait until last week when the security portion and the bodily fluids test came back ok. I won’t be showing up till the week after Christmas. So this took five months to fill a job. In the contractor world….we will fill a slot in 45 days. It’s all about money and moving quick.

So the first group now within my company is getting layoff notes….and another group will get notes in three to four weeks. If I stayed….around mid-January….I’d be getting a lay-off notice.

The humorous part of this…is that the Air Force is standing there with money…and literally begging to make the system work right. And it can’t.

After watching all of this unfold for the past eight months….I’m almost of the mind that the KGB, the Chinese, or some evil world power….has to be paying folks off in various areas of Air Force contracting and personnel….to make so many incompetent mistakes.

I will be leaving this mess in early January….and going into a real organization, with a real mission, and competent people. I’ve learned a lot while being in Germany….but I’ve witnessed the downfall of a massive organization….due to 5-star incompetence. This well-oiled machine….is spinning….with no movement.

Bama "Too Much Nudity" Part II

My brother...the engineer from Auburn...felt challenged from my blog yesterday on maximum density of a Bama nightclub guy got arrested for his gals displaying "too much nudity".

I asked him...once you reach one hundred nudity, in a Bama can you go past that point, and then have too much nudity?

It must have bothered him an awful lot. Probably today....gazing at the fields as he transversed to the technology capital of the south...Huntsville....he uttered the formula:

as the limit of time->infinity, the function n00d(x) exceeds 1E02 when the nood(x) function intersects the function of alcohol_consumption(x), where alcohol_consumption(x) > six_beers

There in an instant.....he had developed the theory of how to go beyond 100 percent nudity, and have too much nudity. Einstein had years on his theory, but Auburn genius had achieved this "too much" theory in a matter of ten minutes.....with the neat part of this involving six beers (it always has to be six in the final a state law or something).

The problem here is that we are wasting great minds in Bama on projects like this and not working toward the perfect bar-b-q sauce (sadly, it would have to involve six beers in the end too).

Eleven Reporters

There’s a reason why I regard the Associated Press (AP) folks as a second-rate organization and not really “news-dedicated”, they proved their point again. To size up Sarah Palin’s new book...they decided to dedicate 11 reporters to the “truth-out” the entire book from cover to cover.

There are 432 you can see where this is going. Each guy had roughly 45 pages to dig into and figure how true, how false, or how whatever....this book might be.’d think that 20 reporters would be pulled for the 1900 pages of the new health bill passed by the house., the AP folks don’t have time for stuff like that.’d think that they’d put five reporters on the Obama find out the missing pieces of his life that he hasn’t chatted about. But no, that hasn’t happened.’d think that various parts of the stimulus bill from early in 2009....would be dragged out and the AP would dedicate twenty reporters to find the actual truth of the success or failure....but no, that hasn’t happened.

The finding a straight trail down to the level of the Time and Newsweek crowd. They haven’t done 5-star work in years. They might still earn honors...but then Katie Couric is earning honors as well...and honors don’t really anything like they used to.

If you might be wondering about profitability of news might want to ask the AP guys if they can afford eleven reporters out for a week....doing research like this....and having barely forty lines of real text to show for their effort. But then, maybe profit isn't their know....maybe it's a charity-run news organization. could know.

The Taser Story

So this mom in Arkansas….out of Ozark….has a ten-year old kid whose gone crazy and nuts…..screaming and yelling….and the mom calls the cops. A deputy comes out to the house…..Dustin Bradshaw.

We don’t really know Dustin, but we can assume he’s pretty much a logical guy and fairly reasonable about approaching situations like this…especially a ten-year old kid.

So Dustin walks in and finds the kid yelling and screaming. The kid wouldn’t listen to her mother and wouldn’t respond to anything that was being uttered to her.
The kid simply wasn’t going to do anything that either said.

So Dustin takes the kid to the living room and tells her she’s going to jail. Then, at this critical moment….the kid lays into Dustin….kicking him violently….striking Dustin in the groin with her feet.

I will pause here for a second….we can only imagine Dustin’s pain, suffering and woes at this point…..with a strong kick to the groin. Dustin apparently holds his peace….and decides….with the mother’s encouragement (she actually said to use his taser on the kid)….he applied a “very, very brief” stun with the taser, and puts the kid in handcuffs.

Dustin drove the kid over to the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter….and deposited her there.

I’m guessing the mom is finished messing with the kid and that kid will be there for a fair amount of time.

There are a couple of observations here. Folks are going to naturally look down on Dustin for using the stun gun on a 10-year old kid. I would reflect on the amount of damage that the kid has inflected and the potential for more damage. I’d also suggest that this kid has a strong episode ADS and probably is out of control for most of the normal day.

Would I put my kid into a shelter? If you've done just about everything and they simply cannot be brought under age ten or have to do it. You don't want to be standing there with a kid big enough to cause major physical damage on you and no mental ability to control themselves.

So you can imagine this kid now….having gotten a good healthy dose of taser….and her immediate reaction when it’s pulled next time (“Don’t tase me bro”).