Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Stupid Gun Idea

Over the past two weeks, I've noticed a number of advocates coming out in favor of arming GI's (and their dependents) for on-base or on-post activities. Frankly, this would be one of the last things that I'd really want to see happen.

Everyone would like to think that GI's are trained from basic training on....with the proper use of weapons and the proper way of countering a treat. The problem is....you can toss a hundred scenarios to a guy....and in perhaps sixty percent of them....the guy will do what you've trained him to do. But the other forty percent....he starts to makes an interpretation of the event....and then take actions of a questionable nature.

I was in a unit once....told to deploy to Turkey. The guys made a big deal of getting shoulder holsters (downtown, $150 per holster). So they arrive at the base....and everybody starts from hour one carrying a weapon.

It's a war front....but it's also a normal operating Air Force base....with lots of security police. Somewhere around the 18th hour of the day....one of the guys in my shop draws a weapon on a guy in his operations tent who has suddenly entered and trying to open a safe in the corner of the tent (it was the first sergeant and it was the commander's safe). Needless to say...this aggravated the first sergeant greatly, and it took him three hours to round up every single weapon in the organization and hand them to the local security cops.

So I'm not in favor of weapons just being the norm. Face it....we have a shooting like this maybe every five years in the military. Usually....it's a husband shooting the wife at work....or maybe some nutcase come to shoot their old commander. To sit there and hand out weapons and play "armed" eight hours a day....five days a week....just ain't going to work.