Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Baader Meinhof Complex

Last night, I finished watching the Baader Meinhof Complex. A comment or two is required.

In the late 1960s.....the Baader Meinhof gang started up in Germany. They became the Red Army Faction. They basically were a group of college intellectuals....at least they thought that....who felt that there was a German national problem.....a US international problem....an Iranian problem....a society problem....a German cultural problem....and they were the solution.

It is a 3.5 hour movie. It is loaded and dynamic in a number of ways. The production team didn't shy from violence and left you the viewer in the midst of various murders and cold-blooded killings. The cops? They were part of the beatings on the intellectuals....and they were part of the target later as death squads roamed Germany.

I would be very honest here in admitting that the producers laid out a massive amount of information and filled hundreds of squares on what happened. Did they tell the entire story? No.....there are various bits and pieces that they left out....which the viewer can easily sit there later and realize that they avoided explaining how this occurred or how the group financed various activities or how the cops learned of certain things.

I would give the movie a 4-star rating.....it tries hard to tell an enormous story. It is worth the viewing.

The curious thing....which you will go back to....after viewing the whole story....how did the students ever arrive to this logic of "good versus evil" in their mind? That, the producers, didn't want to explain.

Typically, what the Soviet Union used to do....in the "good old days"....was ensure a number of college professors got pumped up, paid or rewarded for handing out philosophy that turned a college kid crowd into pretender intellectuals. You see this in Peru, Argentina, and Chile. You see it throughout Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. These pretender intellectuals felt that they were the only folks with vision and the ones fired up to accomplish the impossible.

The key thing you notice after view the Baader Meinhof Complex....is that there are no plumbers or car mechanics or butchers. You don't have 18-year old kids from Haupt Schule joining up. You don't have truck drivers as active members. These are all pretender intellectuals.

Another thing that will strike you.....a massive amount of killing goes on....and it seems that the only answer to fit the Meinhof question....is to blow up some building or kill someone. This strategy strikes you as often being illogical and then asks how the guy will come to peace with his methods in twenty years? A cold blooded killing....followed by another cold blooded killing.....following by another cold blooded killing....sets a difficult personal view on calculations. Death is always the answer? Is that logical?

Finally.....what you start to notice in the final hour...is the court case where the big four minds of the Baader Meinhof gang are captured, and the government wants to do a civilian court episode. Sounds familiar.....doesn't it? After killing dozens and bringing harm to hundreds.....it was the government's answer to ending the mess.

So here is the packed court room, with the four intellectuals.......their defense teams.....and around two hundred folks packed as observers. The judges? They sat there and allowed the whole thing to turn into a three-ring circus. The observers would start laughing at various points and the seriousness of the trial suddenly became lost.

The four intellectuals wasted no time in downsizing the judges and the court requirements. Never once did the judges grasp the joke that was being accomplished.

As you gaze at the New York City episode about to unfold with KSM and the Islamic terrorists.....rendered so by AG Eric Holder....you see the same mess about to develop. The only real difference is that these are New York judges and they just might halt the mess and toss the observers out of the room without a single bit of hesitation.

So if you have an evening with nothing much to do.....rent the Baader Meinhof Complex and prepare for some historical moments. It's not a movie for wussies or the weak. It's serious. And at the end.....ask yourself questions....because they really didn't answer everything. They wanted a neat and tidy movie....which gives some strength to the intellectuals and their "dream".

A Stupid Gun Idea

Over the past two weeks, I've noticed a number of advocates coming out in favor of arming GI's (and their dependents) for on-base or on-post activities. Frankly, this would be one of the last things that I'd really want to see happen.

Everyone would like to think that GI's are trained from basic training on....with the proper use of weapons and the proper way of countering a treat. The problem is....you can toss a hundred scenarios to a guy....and in perhaps sixty percent of them....the guy will do what you've trained him to do. But the other forty percent....he starts to makes an interpretation of the event....and then take actions of a questionable nature.

I was in a unit once....told to deploy to Turkey. The guys made a big deal of getting shoulder holsters (downtown, $150 per holster). So they arrive at the base....and everybody starts from hour one carrying a weapon.

It's a war front....but it's also a normal operating Air Force base....with lots of security police. Somewhere around the 18th hour of the day....one of the guys in my shop draws a weapon on a guy in his operations tent who has suddenly entered and trying to open a safe in the corner of the tent (it was the first sergeant and it was the commander's safe). Needless to say...this aggravated the first sergeant greatly, and it took him three hours to round up every single weapon in the organization and hand them to the local security cops.

So I'm not in favor of weapons just being the norm. Face it....we have a shooting like this maybe every five years in the military. Usually....it's a husband shooting the wife at work....or maybe some nutcase come to shoot their old commander. To sit there and hand out weapons and play "armed" eight hours a day....five days a week....just ain't going to work.

Just An Observation

The question is....come the middle of November....2012....and the election is wrapped up....and just for imagination purposes....it's Palin as the winner. What happens?

You can imagine the utter horror on the faces of people at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. It's likely to be a 51-49 percent win....with one state at the end being awful damn close. The networks will refuse to accept the state's report at midnight....and just keep viewers stuck to the screen until 6AM.....when the state says that's the final tally.

The feeling around the White House? They should have won. The speeches should have been enough. The Nobel Peace Prize should have been enough. The help of various players like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should have been enough.

Thousands of people come out on the next day....hostile and upset over the results. They will refuse to accept reality and talk of corruption within the voting system. Some states will insist that they will split up their electoral votes by the next election. No winner takes all results.

I would imagine for several of the networks....it'll be a major letdown. They have lost viewers every month since President Obama took office, and they have suffered budget cuts along the way. They stuck by their situation....thinking that things would eventually swing back the other way.

To be honest, I am not a Palin supporter.....and I have a list of ten Republicans more qualified than her. But I suspect that she is likely to be the top player once Iowa's primary ends. As for Newt and the pretender Republicans? I think several sources will come out and toss funding to him....to knock Palin down a step....but face it, Newt isn't going to carry any state.

So, it's simply something to think about.....Palin might actually win.....and then what? We just end up going into Bush Era 3.0 (counting Obama as part of the trend).