Saturday, 28 November 2009

Carol Bostello, CNN, and the "Bully" Moment

This past week...CNN finally got to a new high (really a new low)...but they've basically decided that they have lost a ton of viewers and they've got to do something radical to retrieve their "folks".

So somewhere in the midst of brilliant journalism...CNN has assigned Carol Costello to the job of monitoring talk radio. You can imagine this game as it's played out. Carol has to find people to say certain things that the CNN management or production team wants said.

So this is what transpired earlier in the week, on the air:

CAROL COSTELLO: Talk radio, especially conservative talk, is so powerful, some say it's made our country viciously partisan. Ten of the top 11 radio talk shows are conservative. The king? Rush Limbaugh, with 15 million (sic--20) listeners. Psychiatrist Gail Saltz says Limbaugh's style appeals to those who feel they have no voice.

GAIL SALTZ: He's essentially kind of operating like the bully. And if you're on the playground, do you want to be the bully's -- you know, under the bully's wing and go along with him and get therefore some power by proxy, too? Or do you want to be like left out alone on the playground where, you know, who knows who's going to take you out?

CAROL COSTELLO: Saltz says conservative talkers are more popular than liberal talkers because they attract the kind of person who likes strong, aggressive messages.
So I sat there....mostly laughing. Did you catch what Carol said? Basically....people that listen to liberal talkers on talk so because they like a weak, wussy, hopeless message?

Carol basically tore up her entire original argument with the comeback that was supposed to attack Rush Limbaugh. Instead...if you grasp precisely what she hinted....liberals want weak messages from talk radio. It apparently makes them feel better.

The thing is....I really dislike Rush's message about 90 percent of the time. He will....once a day....come up on a major story and really lay it down correctly....but you'd have to listen for three hours to get that one great story.

As for the crowd that bashes Rush? Well...they are just as bad. In this case....Carol is mostly serving her bosses drama requirements....putting up some guy they found to use the word "bully" as much as possible. And the CNN management? Well....they basically are trying to figure up the next expert witness they can bring out of the hint their next message against Rush, Hannity, or Glenn Beck.

In this case....I'd like to suggest a 17th Century English literary analyst to analyze Rush's use of verbs and adjectives....and grade him against Shakespeare. It might be entertaining.

The Tiger, The Tree, and the Escalade

It's a gossip that I truly care little about...but the media really won't spell out what took I'll do it for you.

Two nights ago....sometime around 2:25AM...Tiger Woods exited his house in a hurry.

Apparently, the rumors of him with some other gal had finally gotten to the wife....Elin Nordegren. An agrument of sorts erupted.

Tiger, as most guys do...decided it was not safe to stay around and feel the heat or the pain. Somewhere in the midst of this exit...she scratched him fairly good on the face.

Tiger got into his Cadillac Escalade. This is a fairly big and safe vehicle....for those of you who've never been in one.

Based on comments from the scene....Tiger was about to pull out when the wife approached with a golf club...and then began to clobber the Escalade. Tiger stomped on the gas...and backed into a fire hydrant...the first of his big problems...then he stomped on the gas to go forward....missed the twist or turn...and ran into his neighbor's yard...hitting a tree. The speed here was not yet 30 mph...because the air bags never deployed. Me personally, I'm thinking he was barely up to 20 mph.

So what the media wants you to that Tiger's wife then used the golf club to break open the back save Tiger from the possible flames (well...had this been a Ford, there would have been flames for sure).

Then the media would like for you to know that Tiger's wife then helped to drag him out of the vehicle...from the rear of the SUV...a good six foot drag over the rear the broken window. Never mind the fact that the rear door would have been unlocked probably and she could have opened it. And for that matter...the side door would have been capable of opening but Tiger had locked that to prevent her from whacking him with the club.

Then the ambulance was called.

Yes, a mighty fine story by the media so far.

I'm guessing Tiger really doesn't want to discuss the matter.

The cops already admit no alcohol was involved. As for charges...since he apparently was on a private street, in a private housing area...I'm having doubts that the cops can make anything up, and they probably don't want to. Tiger? He'd like to just put distance between him and the hostile wife. And the wife? Well...I'm guessing she's with a good lawyer and adding up the $100 million that she's going to take on this deal.

So, when your local or national network news guy comes on...and he gives you a 15-second update on the episode...but it's really lacking anything to explain how things occurred....then it's back to my read a 100-plus sites per day to get the real story on things.