Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Day

So it became an interesting day. First, there was the ticket required for my move to Virginia in January. My original plan was to leave on the 2nd of January. I sat down last night to find a decent ticket. Nothing.

Then I looked for the 3rd or 4th….but these were running $1100 for a ticket.

So today, I went to the Base RTT folks. The kindly German gal spent ten minutes and then smiled. I could leave on the 5th….for 159 Euro for the ticket (one-way, $220). Then she spent fifteen minutes lining this up….and then came the shocker….tax and fees. The tax for the 159 Euro ticket was 144 Euro ($190 roughly). Then the fee? $45. So basically….I’m paying as much for the tax and fee, as the ticket itself.

So I end up flying from Frankfurt to Detroit….then onto DC. A day late, but it’s better than $1100.

So the next episode came up…..with the “stinky” room in my vault.

Back six years ago, I worked in one room of the vault. Me and Dave were there…and were accustomed to the solitude of the room. Then the Air Force engineers did a renovation project to the bathroom next door (men’s room). It’s outside of the vault and had nothing to do with our room.

Well….a month passed and one day….I sat there and could smell this faint smell of what I perceived as a “fart”. Dave was an older gentlemen of sorts, and I just assumed it was him. By lunch, the smell was worse. I finally hinted to Dave that he should check his pants…..and he responded that he thought I was the culprit.

That was the beginning of the “stinky” room.

We could go a week….even a month….with no smell….then it’d come on and last a day or two.

Eventually, Dave left.

Then came Ms. “C”, and she immediately let me know this was a problem for her….and she moved out within a month.

I sat quietly with the next resident…Captain “C”…for a while….we barely noticed it and simply overlooked the once-in-a-while smell.

Then he left, and Mrs. “O” came. A month later….she demanded that we both move to the adjoining room…since it was empty now. I moved….sadly. We closed the door…and the smell barely escaped.

The engineers came and looked a dozen times….never really wanting to fix it….and never wanting to figure out the answer.

So no one sat in this office area.

This past six months….we had a new captain who wanted his own office area and this was to be his area. But the smell was a problem. So he worked on getting off-base German repair guys to come out…..naturally costing a fair amount of money….to fix this issue.

The German guys ended up fixing the vent and the exhaust….and we felt that now….things would improve.

That was ten days ago. The smell has now tripled in nature and now is smelt in five rooms.

Naturally, it’s a problem.

The base engineers finally came out today….and they were pressed to the max. Fix it or else. They are contemplating tearing down a bunch of stuff to figure the repair necessary.

Currently, the team sits there…mostly in a stench of a men’s bathroom aroma….which floats through the air. Hard to say how long they will tolerate it. I offered to smoke a few cigars if they needed my assistance….but that probably won’t be necessary.