Friday, 4 December 2009

Stuff I Can't Make Up

The big global warming climate conference is coming up in Copenhagen. I already reported that Al Gore's special event got canceled.....but now comes a bigger sex.

You see....the mayor of Copenhagen.....figured out a while back that lots of fancy folks would fly in and stay at nice hotels in town. Then the mayor realized that all these poor global warming folks....might be enticed by Danish hookers.

Denmark....for those who might not know this....or those from Bama who refrain from thinking about things like this.....allows sex to be sold (and taxed, naturally).

So the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen....came up and decided that she needed to take prevent a terrible thing from happening. She sent out postcards to the hand to the arriving global warming guests.

The card says:"Be sustainable – don’t buy sex’.

Naturally, this upset the hookers of Copenhagen. In much...that they said that any global warmer....that comes up with a post card like this....can have a free "bit" of sex.

Now, being from's always a natural tendency to never turn down a free thing. But in this case, it poses some ethical and sensitive issues.

First, lets say you want to enjoy this free you waste eight hours the first day....walking around and checking out the hookers to figure who you want to have for your one free deal....thus wasting an entire day which could have been used for global warming chats?

Second, if you don't use this you offer your card to your buddy Karl from Iowa...who desperately wants to have several free "deals" on this great trip to Denmark?

Third, would it bother you that you are only getting a free deal because of your global warming addiction?

I pondered this mess. Free sex for post cards....which some idiot mayor handed out to 160 hotels. No one is sure about the quantity...but there could be 10,000 of these cards...meaning a whole lot of free sex.

Being from Bama....this made me pause and think....would it be worth the bad image of being a global warmer....just to get a post card and a free deal on this? I cleared this from my mind....went back to Baptist thinking....and sipped a whiskey to clear my head of impure thoughts.


Senior Chief Jeffrey Sparenberg (retired) one of those characters that you'd like to laugh over....but the gut feeling is that you really dislike him.

Jeff spent over twenty years in the Navy...and even had time on the destroyer Cole...the vessel that terrorists hit almost a decade ago. The thing is....Jeff didn't arrive on the Cole until four days after the event.

Jeff has played up a major role....heroic in nature....with his actions over the Cole.

If you start looking at the the start to notice a Purple Heart....which he claims from injuries abroad the Cole. Although it's hard to figure his wounds....unless you have a good imagination.

Currently, several folks are looking over this guy and his possible medals.

When I saw the picture...I kept idiot wears medals like this on a plain jacket.

What Jeff a pretender. He's likely in the VFW circles and angling for a significant position...pretending he's something....that he's not.

$1209 End

I blogged a few days ago on the $1209 Al Gore event to be held this weekend in Denmark....where you'd get to hear Al speak....shake his hand.....get a picture taken....get a drink or two....and some light Danish snacks (probably eel amongst the snacks).

Well....sadly, I must report....the event got canceled.

They said that Al just didn't have time. Originally, they were figuring 3,000 folks showing up.....and I kinda laughed over that grand estimate. I'll bet that they barely sold 300 tickets to the event and didn't want to mess up Al's life with such a small crowd. The guys running the episode simply said that all of the 3,000 folks who bought tickets would get their money back. Nice way of putting it.

Denmark....for those who've never been a place where folks are all hyper about NOT spending money in a wasteful fashion....primarily because the government taxes the hell of what you make.

For most folks.....if I gave you a choice of spending $1209 of your money on one night in Vegas or getting up close to Al Gore with a sip of good'd probably pick the one night in Vegas.