Friday, 11 December 2009

A Tiger in Sweden

Under the brush....near the Fjords....across from the swamps of Boden....standing near the bus stop with the ten beautiful blond Swedish the Tiger (or he will be shortly).

The answer by the Tiger's all this terrible misery in to bring the Tiger out of the jungles of golf and Florida....into the protective nature preserve of Sweden.

Here in the preserve of Sweden.....there will be tranquil hours....days....weeks....and months. The Tiger would recuperate. The Tiger would become whole again.

This is what the Zoo keeper believes in fixing the Tiger's problems. Yes, only Sweden can solve this mess.

I pondered upon this.....being from Bama.

If you were to take me to the nature preserve of mingle amongst the Swedish blonds and allow me to walk freely....things might not be as the Zoo keeper imagines.

There in the heart of this frozen land....the Swedish blonds would be a temptation more than a mortal could imagine. Safer than in Florida? What fool would think of such a crazed thought? Safer than Bama? My O Zoo keeper would be judging things in an amusing manner.

So quietly the midst of Florida....the Tiger is being prepared for transport. The Zoo Keeper imagines this Swedish preserve will fix all ills......and frankly, she's wrong. She only multiples them.

The Game

I kinda kept waiting for this comment to come….with the “Climate-gate” episode….a guy admitting that he was pressured to bark up against “Climate-gate” and the mess because climate-players would have edge him out of research grants and funding if he didn’t.

The British weather office (the Met office)….put out a massive effort this week…1,700 scientists agreed to defend the “professional integrity” of global warming research. The boys who run the office….spent four days collecting these signatures and impressing everyone how they all “stood together”.

Later…which just made the whole effort sink even further….the Met office agreed that some (actually many)….of these signees….didn’t even work on climate change.

This all leads back to a problem that many agree exists…..if you want funding to pay for your house, and your five co-workers…and their houses….then you have to say you smell smoke….even if there is no smoke. Everyone does this and to be honest….no one feel guilty about this effort. The key here…is that without the funding….your life is miserable and you end up with some minor project which barely pays for anything.

I pondered about this...being from Bama. Typially....a guy will say he’s Baptist...just to make the wife happy. Then the guy will swear up and down to the minister of the local Baptist church that he’s totally against drinking. Then on Saturday night....out on the far back part of the garage....his buddy will come over and share a six-pack of beer with him. Occasionally, they will both sip long and hard against a bottle of Jack Daniels. Never once will he feel some guilt over this lifestyle.

What would impress a Bama guy about this global warming “game” that the more you chat up global warming...the more money you get. The more bogus graphs you produce....the more funding you get. The bassboat? The trip to Alaska? The 4,000 square foot dream house? The position at University of Kentucky? The new Ford SUV? All tied to this simple admission. Why would you not do this?

But there is moment of curiosity. What if people all took this serious, and then the economy twisted to a 3rd gear point? What if the revenue bucket only had half the money that you normally expected as a research analyst? What if they agreed to shut down fifty percent of the airports in America? How would you travel to Singapore or Denmark for these global warming conferences....or would you never be allowed to travel like that again?

Cyprus & Papadopoulos

A curious episode erupted today in Cyprus. Some folks dug up the grave of the old Cyprus President….Tassos Papadopoulos....and kinda ran off with the body.

To be kinda honest….grave robbing in Cyprus just never happens. Folks can’t remember the last time that anybody got dug up.

This site that was robbed….is over in the central point of the country….just south of the Turkish borderline….in Nicosia. Cops came in….roped off the area…gathering clues. Motive? Well….so far, the cops are silent.

This guy Papadopoulos….was hugely popular….but also disliked by a number of folks as well. He was the Cyprus president from 2003 to 2008…when he ran in the next election and lost. He died a few months after that.

The curious thing about Papadopoulos…is that he was a huge player in the negotiation with the Turks over ending the split of the island. By huge….I mean that that he really didn’t want the split to come to an end….period.

My guess over the body-stealing episode? There are several political factions that hated Papadopoulos….but they truly have no reason to go to this extend of upsetting the pro-Papadopoulos folks. But the Turks on the other side of the fence….could look at this….and make the pro and anti—Papadopoulos fight enough….that most folks would get tired of this stupid Cyprus internal conflict and just say end it with a negotiation with the Turks.

So silently tonight….somewhere on the northern part of the island with Turkey….I think there’s a coffin sitting there in some basement….and a couple of Turks sitting upstairs with a beer in their hands….plotting this “Southpark”-like episode of “whose-got-the-body”.

Boys Will be Boys

I’ll make this brief…but it’s an interesting story that CNN and the rest will barely cover. Five guys from Alexandra, Virginia…. Umar Chaudhry, Waqar Khan, Ahmad A. Minni, Aman Hassan Yemer and Ramy Zamzam…..all 19 to 25 years old….are sitting in a jail tonight….far, far, away from the US.

It appears the five young dudes…..left Virginia….on some intended mission in life…and ventured to Pakistan….to learn the trade of jihad.

Somewhere along the way in Pakistan….as the boys thought they were “in” with the right guys….it got to a point where the Islam guys decided something wasn’t right….and turned them away. Then, the Pakistani cops got involved. After a review of video equipment and laptops…..the cops decided they had 4-star suspects.

The boys proudly extended out their new gang….with a statement of "We are here for jihad."

You can imagine the cops….standing there….with no appreciation of Islamic warfare…and scratching their heads over a bunch of dimwitted young guys with no understanding of Pakistan and the ways of the world.

So far, the US is looking at potential charges but I’m having doubts anything will develop on the US side. From the Pakistani side….there are two or three charges that they might push up….and maybe keep the punks in jail for a year or so. A year in a Pakistani jail….is ten times worse than spending a month in a Birmingham city jail-house.

The best quote so far? It came from a US official looking at the dudes: "These aren't just hikers lost in the woods."

So far the local Mosque where the five attended….has expressed utter shock over their episode. Yes, utter shock? Can you imagine five honest guys like this….just taking off?

Frankly, someone at the local Mosque is lying….but the FBI already knows that. What they are likely examining is an interrogation by the Pakistani police on the five and determine who is a problem back at the Mosque. By this weekend….this dimwit is probably being monitored and pretty much watched twenty-four hours a day.

In a year….the boys will finally return home after a visit to the Pakistani jail. The families will be standing there…trying to understand how they could do something this stupid.

The curious thing for me…is that I’m going to Arlington….about two miles away from Alexandra and this hub of Islamic activity. It’ll be an interesting year as I watch events unfold there.

Curtain Call for Zelaya

The election in Honduras is done....the new president-elect is certified....and the comical coup or non-coup of 2009 has come to an end. Old President Zelaya is basically finished now. He couldn’t run again, under constitutional rules. He couldn’t talk the military in supporting his made-up-final-minute game of a constitutional change....without the Honduran senate involved.

So the mess left to clean up how to let Zelaya to leave the country. If you remember....he spent two weeks working up some media operation near the border and finally sneaked end up at the Brazilian consulate there. But with guards surrounding the place....and no real space in the building for them to shower or sleep....his entourage began to find this a pretty miserable experience.

So this week....Mexico decided to come to the rescue....sending a Mexican petition....asking that deposed Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya get a free exit out of the county.

The Honduran leadership met....looked over the document....and then said that the Mexican document didn’t really meet any standard acceptable legal standards.

Naturally, CNN asked for a bring this to the light of the world.....and it basically just states the obvious....Mexico asks the de facto Honduran government to guarantee Zelaya's safety from the embassy to the airport....period.

Honduras said....and they are pretty much correct on this....the letter never said under what legal status Mexico would accept Zelaya and his family. Would they be refugees? Would they be listed as special guests of Mexico?

What this basically does bring the top level of the Mexican government into the mess....where they have to agree on some status for the guy. They were hoping to avoid this type of label because they just want to help the guy leave....nothing more than that.

My guess is that Venezuela will eventually get into the act.....grant a full-up resident’s pass to Zelaya....and he leaves via them....rather than Mexico.