Friday, 18 December 2009

Man of the Year?

Time magazine....picking Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke as man of the year?

Frankly, I sat there for five minutes...thinking...the only way he gets that the entire slate of forty guys in front of really that weak and pitiful.

My pick? President Obama. Yep, there's nothing wrong with him getting nine out of nine years (including the election year). I suspect the Time guys wrote some kinda rule where you can't win it two years in a row...just to give the Time crew something to do each year.

Just An Observation Over Copenhagen

Its basically concluded now....a marginal success of sorts (there might be a treaty....but it's just enough to go home and wipe your butt over). But the boys can't declare it a failure.

Around twelve days ago....this started, and around last Thursday....I started to notice a trend...almost daily.

When you take a bunch of guys and to some resort deal or open hotel bar deal...about the fifth day of this talk-all-day and drink-all-night start to notice unhappy and upset folks. They tend to start arguing over petty things. I spent twenty years in the Air Force....and always noticed this trend on long exercises or trips.

So there on last Thursday...was this video play....with a bunch of guys rubbing their eyes....people drinking lots of coffee at 4PM....people yawning at noon...argument after argument in hallways and restaurants....and this terrible exhausted look on half the folks there.

That was Thursday of last they continued on....arguing and talking all weekend....and then through this week. Frankly, most of these people look like a wreck, and are exhausted. Tomorrow...the boys check out, and fly home. Some have eighteen hours of travel ahead of them....and won't rest until Monday.

So should you have expected anything other than a marginal success? That would be a curious thing to consider.

Based on a couple of comments....I would suspect that five percent of the attendees will never attend another conference....ever. Some people may require some mental counseling before they can attend another climate conference. And there are a few folks who might just give up on climate change entirely....and just hook up with NASCAR and Dancing with the Stars.

The Score

There was an amusing story of sorts today......concerning Oregon's Representative Peter DeFazio, (a Democrat, for those who might wonder). Peter is a Democrat although he's got several areas where he's fairly conservitive. His district doesn't have an enormous Democratic vote....but he tends to slide by (for twenty years now).

Peter has been a thorn in the side of the Obama Administration....maybe since day one. He finally got called up to the White House in the past week....and the President wanted to make something clear to him....saying: “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother."

It was an odd statement.

To be kinda honest here....there are lots of people now keeping score. It would appear....just from a distance....that one team is losing more than another team. If I was the President....I wouldn't worry so much about "keeping" much as "making" score.

Not The Greatest of Days

My son had a girl in his class during the first four years of school here in the village......who died yesterday.

It's been eight years since he had seen her.

It was a car accident of sorts......she was driving in the early morning least fifteen miles over the speed limit....making a curve in the dark.....and came across the middle stripe to have a truck hit her. She had the misfortune to be in a smaller and lighter vehicle....and died there apparently.

In the weeks to come, my son is supposed to finally wrap up his license....maybe. He intends to test again (the first test was a failure)......and I have serious doubts on his study habits. I have offered up my Audi A4.....which I went to the extent of covering car insurance and giving him $100 a month (remember, its $8.50 a gallon off-base)......if he would accept the A4.

He wasn't happy with it....and wanted a smaller vehicle offered. I have deep reservations about small cars....after driving the Smart for two years. The A4 has steel and airbags.....and can take a pretty good impact.

The thing about these smaller the great gas mileage and the cheaper operating costs. Everyone gets all into this cost savings. Frankly, I tend to start measuring inch by inch the amount of steel on a car and the number of airbags. There is this point where you really don't want to count gas savings and compare against your life.