Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Arrival in Arlington

So I've arrived.

It was a strange episode.

First....all that security that they kept talking about being different......wasn't. In fact, I'd even say it was less than five years ago.....but that's just me talking.

Then, I had "curly" at the Detroit airport...the customs bag checker dude. I got into line and five minutes later noticed that mine wasn't moving. The other three lines were. For each three they did individually......Curly was doing one. Out of every three he did....he sent one for a physical check of their bags. I've never seen this slow an effort. I was there in line for almost an hour.

Then, I got to the Ron Reagan airport...which I came to's awful damn small.

Then, I came to the experience of trying to get downtown....with no GPS. That was a mess.

Then, I came to the room episode....and all they had was a handicapped I took it.

Then, this morning....I had breakfast at Bob & Ediths diner.....where the steak was about as dried out as you can possibly get it. I was pulling so hard on the knife...that the cheap fork bent in half.

It could be I'd best not complain.