Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Fatties

‘When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first.’

This is the ad campaign of a major British gym and health club...into the new year. To be honest..alot of Brits are furious about this slogan and getting more hostile as each day passes.

Being from Bama.....I pondered this long and hard.

First, you'd have to assume that aliens only eat Earthlings....which has never been proven, yet.

Second, you'd have to assume that aliens prefer a bit of fat on their meat, which also has not been proven, yet.

Third, if you were an alien, and come all this way to Earth.....wouldn't you prefer Catfish over an Earthling?

I had a problem in seeing how this would all work, but then you'd need a fair amount of imagination to see a alien in the first place.

So all these Brits are looking at this ad....getting upset.....getting worried.....getting disturbed.....and started to think on Earthlings being a bit of tasty meal for some alien dude. Frankly, I think they've got a pretty good life....if this is the worst that they can worry about. If I were a British guy.....I'd be more worried about meeting some nice looking, lusty, and gorgeous British gal......which would be just about impossible to come across.


If you haven't been following the government of Greece lately......they've kinda fallen, and can't get up.

Financially, they've finally come to admit that they pretty much in a California-state of mind. They have a huge revenue & tax issue.....and they can't cut the budget in a fashion to save the country. Even the President there has kinda admitted in public that things are awful bad.

So someone got around to asking the EU if they might be ready to help out the Feds will help California in the next couple of months. And the EU said "no".

So this kinda puts everything in Greece into a crisis mood. Either they cut a massive deal across the public include education and welfare....or they come to a failure point with the government likely failing.

The thing with all of these political figures.....from California to that they owe lots of people. And screwing over those potential voters or associates...just ain't a thing that you'd like to imagine. So you are between a rock and a hard place.

California Tax Credit

The governor of California laid out this wonderful tax entice you to build a house. It's around $10k...and there is a limited budget for it.

What I found curious about that they have all these empty houses sitting there....because of the housing market crash. Banks are begging to sell at below normal prices (even forty percent). The job market is pretty well screwed and not going anywhere because of all the current taxes.

So I sat there.....pondering....what idiot would want to build a new house in California? Frankly.....I can't think of anyone.