Thursday, 14 January 2010

It's Your Tax, Not the Banks

Just two cents of analysis from a Bama guy whose not a rocket scientist. All day on the news today...this "monkey-chatter" over a tax over the the Fed's to settle 'issues'......brings me to a minor point of analysis.

If anyone stands up and taxes a bank....the truth is that the bank doesn't cough up the money from their invisible pile of cash that they keep just inside the vault door. They instead go back to the customers who actually have accounts...and up the various charges for little actions they perform.....and then gain the necessary tax revenue to pay the government.

So if you don't grasp's you the customer who will pay this bank tax.....and not the bank. So the Feds.....if you don't grasp it.....are simply taxing you (the little guy).

It's a nifty game. Only you lose money.....the banks will never lose on this deal.

North Korean Tourism?

Yesterday, North Korea came out and said they wanted to help pump up US tourism to North Korea. I did some reading, and since 1987.....when the North Korean leadership decided to accept some tourism.....there's only been around 2,000 total Americans who've made the trip into North Korea. Thats about the same number of tourists that Nashville gets in a two hour period on arrival in the city on just one day.

The head of tourism in North Korea thinks he could get up to a 1,000 American tourists per year.....if thing work out ok.

So I sat there.....pondering this.

What idiot in the US would want to make the run to North Korea and spend a week there?

This is kinda like saying you'd like to tour the slums of Bombay for a week, or touring a septic tank convention in Oklahoma City, or going to a Baptist convention in New Orleans but swearing not to drink or carouse while there.

I can imagine the tour price is going to end up being $999. You end up flying from Chicago on some Air China flight to some unknown destination in China.....then they put you on Air Kim and fly you into the capital city of North Korea. You get a free shot of some funny tasting alcohol upon arrival (maybe 3 percent alcohol, to be honest). Then they whisk you in the back of some army truck to some hotel dump in the middle of nowhere and give you a towel....a bowl....a spoon...and complimentary bag of peanuts. You stand there in the hotel compound for a week....listening to speeches of the dear leader over a speaker....admiring the mountain peaks from the distance.....and sip some low-grade rice wine. Then you shake hands with some guy who is the second cousin of the dear leader.....and leave.

It'll shock me if they get a 1,000 Americans a year to go over....but then there are some crazy folks out there.....who would beg for a chance like this.

My advice for a guy who does go over.....take an entire bag of Snickers and hand them out to everyone you meet. In five years....the whole government would fall because of the Snicker handout.

The Underwear Bomber

The case with this guy in Detroit gets more interesting as each day passes. We now know that not only did he board the flight in Amsterdam without luggage.....but the guy didn't even bring a jacket. You would least from a Bama prospective.....midst of December.....going through the coldest place in America.....that a guy would have some kind of jacket. To me, this would have automatically set up big bells. Yet, no one got worried? Something is wrong here.