Friday, 29 January 2010

Jihad and Global Warming

This the midst of various bits of news....we suddenly came to hear once again....from Osama bin Laden, chief of Al Qaeda.

It was a strange and awkward moment. Via the press at Al Jazeera....we got to hear Osama blaming the US and developed countries.....for climate change...then adding that the global economy should immediately abandon its use of the American dollar.

The quote: “Talk about climate change is not an ideological luxury but a reality. All of the industrialized countries, especially the big ones, bear responsibility for the global warming crisis.”

So I sat there....pondering over this....and I came to two observations. You have to remember....I'm not a rocket scientist or Harvard guy or a CIA analyst.

First, here is this guy...sitting way out in the boonies of Pakistan....probably living most of the time out of some cave. You can imagine him getting few if any visitors. You can see him drinking tea and reading from the Koran three or four hours a day.

So then, this guy appears....Jimmy Jihad, from London probably. Jimmy sits there....chatting like a mad monkey....all over global warming, climate change, and impending death of mankind.

Osama sits there....and buys every single word. It was as much comic propaganda that you could possible imagine....with Al Gore's video probably running in the background. Tears likely flowed from Osama's eyes....and he decided then and there....Jihad had to include the fight on global warming.

So you can imagine these fantastic moments....where Osama got "religion"....and pumped up the millions of Jihad save the world in the interest of climate change.

Then I came to observation number two. It takes an absolute idiot to believe the vast majority of climate change information. If Osama is that naive and dim....we just might be using the wrong tactics in taking him down.

Out there tonight....Osama is sitting there...a tear sweeping down his cheek....looking over global warming, and hoping that Jihad somehow fits into fixing this mess. This is almost like a scene out of a Mel Brooks movie.

Hot Steamy Unlusty Stuff

If you go over to Fox News...there is this item over John Edwards and his mistress, and some sex tape (Fox Quote):

John Edwards' former mistress filed a temporary restraining order seeking to wrest control of an alleged sex tape that is at the heart of a tell-all book about to be released by a onetime Edwards confidante.

I kinda sat there for about three minutes...envisioning a sex tape...with John Edwards, his hot lusty babe....and then I asked myself....what idiot would want to see, view or even pay for such a tape? The more I thought about this....the more my stomach tossed and turned....and I was thinking about taking some Rolaids.

So, we've come down so deep in the pit....that we'd actually be willing to watch John Edwards in some sexual act? I just can't see this happening. And the act by the mistress to gain control? Well....she might be hoping that she could market this better....but frankly....most of us would pay $3 to ensure we didn't have to watch Johnny doing the wild thing with his lusty gal.

The Freeze Issue

A number of folks came out today....especially from the Democratic say that any "freezes" to exist...MUST include the Department of Defense. They didn't mention Homeland Security...they are safe, but those evil DOD guys must be put in the "freeze" department to make everyone happy.

I sat and pondered over this for about eleven seconds. Then I came to an excellent suggestion.

Since there is a round-number in folks mind...for DOD to volunteer...I'd like to make this real easy. Normally, the SECDEF would pass the hat and tell everyone to cough up 1 percent of their total they find various pieces and parts to toss into this equal the magic number to make the Democrats happy.

My suggestion? End the war on drugs. Pull back every penny we pay various governments who pretend they are actually doing something. The truth is...if they really had an effect...cocaine and all the other drugs would be going up in price. They aren't. So there is zero affect on the war.

Yeah, I'm suggesting a pretty radical play here. Pile up all the millions and all the manpower involved in the drug war....and just say enough...we aren't winning. What would be the reaction of the Democrats over this suggestion? I would bet that they would suddenly hush up and scratch their head over this sudden 'fix'.

Course, we could go up to Boeing and say the tanker competition is dead again (the third time)...let those poor Washington state Boeing workers (mostly Democrats)...stand there in a furious state of mind.

The truth is that this all sounds good on TV and in front of the media. A month from now...they will have forgotten the whole thing.

Myths and truths of the Pentagon

Myths and truths of the Pentagon:

- A battleship in the sub-sub-sub-sub-basement of the Pentagon?'d like to believe that rumor (or the one about UFO's held deep in the bowels)....but's not true.

- Ten percent of the women dress like tramps. Well...yeah...that might be somewhat true (say 3 percent). I sat today in the food courtyard, and probably saw a dozen women inappropriately dressed. The gal with spiked heels and the skirt which started eight inches above her kneecap? Yeah, she was trampy.

- Water is pumped in from New Jersey. No, we get fresh Virginia water....really.

- They charge $175 bucks to "unboot" your car. Yeah, that is true. If you park in the wrong parking lot, or don't put the right sticker in the right pay.

- Half of the basement is being gutted for a Super-Walmart. No. They'd like to do that...but it'll never happen.

- Sodas are cheaper in the machine...than at any restaurant in the Pentagon or the food shops in the Pentagon. Absolutely true. It's a buck from the machine. You can't beat that price.