Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Fight or Two

Someone finally sat down and counted up the number of teen girl-on-girl fighting videos on YouTube. It's over 250,000 clips.

Shocked? No....not a bit.

Someone posted a link about a year ago about five or six girls that met....gang members from two groups....and the ladies got into an argument. A three-minute fight ensued with someone taping the whole thing. I sat and watched this. It was more of social commentary than anything else. You had one group of girls defending their "turf" and another group trying to establish supremacy over the first group. I would assume some black eyes were given....and some pretty bad bruises.

The thing's not so much about the fighting, because it's always been there. Its about the video side of this and how they tape these things were proof of the fight or for their own entertainment. And YouTube provides the perfect platform to show your fight.

Will YouTube come down and dump the clips? I would imagine that someone will try to force the issue. But rest assured, there are dozens of sites now prepared to take up the 250,000 clips and continue the "entertainment".

There's always been fights of this's just that we are getting a chance to watch it first hand and judge the fight with our own perception. Some folks would like to label this immoral or terrible. Some folks would like to forbid the taping entirely and ensure that YouTube cannot show such fights. I would doubt seriously that any actions really change events around. You are pretty much in a technological era where we can capture every live event....whether good or bad. We are stuck and having to simply grit our teeth over just how far things have come.

Our Town (It Ain't Thorton Wilders)

Last week, I wrote the Andy and Barney blog about my hometown's issues with it's one-cop situation and the auxiliary police force. To briefly summarize things....the auxiliary force had become a massive problem (all seven folks), and hated by the town. The chief of police (a one-man shop).....was on the list to be let go.....but the town council decided to keep him on (at least for now). The auxiliary folks? They were the terminated group. The auxiliary folks are upset and feel that none of this termination is right.

So the council opened last night and the entire meeting was a point for folks to dump their frustrations.....mostly in support of the council, but also some against the town itself. So at some point, according to my brother....there came the wife of the chief of police...and she summarized that the town had major issues......and then she said that the school simply wasn't safe period.

I stopped at that point and started laughing. I've been careful not to state the name of my hometown....mostly not to embarrass them with my blog or facts. You see I grew up there in the 1970s and went to the junior high school (it only goes to the ninth grade).

On a scale of one to ten on "safety" was probably a "20". Other than lead in the pipes, and maybe asbestos in the were in the safest school in America. If any kid had threaten any other kid in the class....the class as a whole....would have come down and stomped the kid making the threat (they did just that)....and established a clear foundation about standing by the "team".

So thirty odd years have passed. Today? Well....they probably still have lead pipes....the asbestos probably got removed....but the school is likely rated a "15" on a scale of one to ten. Yes, I might lower expectations slightly....but frankly, if you viewed the local area and the just couldn't find a safer place to put your kid and feel safe.

You can say alot of little negative things about the town I grew up in. There is meth in the local area. Yes, the local Baptist mafia might be a minor threat to your sanity and your "thirst". The Dollar Store is finally opened and thriving, which stands down a piece from the local bank and gas station. The local restaurant is still a fine catfish joint.

The necessity of the roadblock scheme by the auxiliary police? This was one of the top ten things that the locals couldn't stand.....or understand. It was a seven-night a week episode and everyone was shaking their heads over the continued harassment. Course, if you examined the ticket scheme and the percentage that the cops took might understand).

The seventy-year old woman who was grabbed by the chief of police for a $20 bad check in Birmingham? Well....after a year or two of messing with her....the agency holding the bad check in Birmingham turned in the arrest request....and the town police chief arrested her at the house....then drove her down to some middle point to get the Birmingham cops involved (they didn't want to get involved originally). The funny thing is that the police chief didn't call the family. So around the end of the day....the family was looking for "Grandma" and only then.....did they get this call from Birmingham (a good three hours away)....that she was being held down there. Did "Grandma" ever comprehend the bad check? I would have serious doubts. Thats the funny part to this story. It's almost worth making a Mel Brooks movie over....grabbing Grandma and running half-way across the state for a bad check situation amounting to $20 or less.

There are times that I'd like to write a book over this town where I grew up.....but the truth my brother has often been told as he tells his one believes the town actually exists or could be this way.

So my folks drive around at 10PM for whatever reasons or ill morals that they might have....they can rest assured....there are no roadblocks.....and their path to sin, booze, and trailer-trash women is wide-open. Jimmy, Uncle Karl, and Woodrow are all weeping as they drive and thinking of all the hassle they used to suffer through. Thank the good Lord....that auxiliary force is gone.

It Was a Fender-Bender, for Ten Minutes

Last night, here in the DC area....two guys had this fender-bender. Neither was drunk. It wasn't much of an accident. But some damage occurred.

So both guys got out and were in the process of exchanging insurance information.

Around four to six minutes into this exchange....some drunk woman drove up from behind....hit and killed both guys.

You sit there and look over this accident, and shake your head.

Both guys did everything you'd expect and probably were just seconds away from concluding the event....when this occurred.

The news media is kinda quiet over the woman, but you sit and review this.....she's going to have to serve time...not months, but I'm thinking at least a decade in jail.

This is the sad thing about living in a metropolitan area. There's stuff like this each week. If I reviewed the Arlington, DC and local Maryland news.....there's probably two or three of these events each week.

There's a list in my mind that I'm building up upon.....reasons not to stay long-term in this DC situation, and this simply got added to the list. The potential in a high urban area for accidents like this? On any given night, after 10 PM? Maybe a ten percent chance that you might get hit. If you drove for three hours every night for 365 days? I'd say a 30 chance you'd get hit and damaged as a minimum.

The sad thing in this case is this woman is sitting there sober now....and thinking about the two guys and their families. She has six months before the court case likely arrives. She can't get much sympathy out of judge, and her life is kinda screwed up for the next decade or two. Life's not many ways....but she's going to find this out.