Saturday, 6 February 2010

How We Came Full Circle

The health care 'blast' is pretty much finished now. In simplistic terms....every ounce of fuel was burned...we are at the arch of the push....and it's pretty much a fast downward spiral with few comments from anyone except the media.

It feels like a combination of a hangover, a hallucination, and the anxiety feeling after attending a WWE wrestling event where the Undertaker lost. Some folks had significant expectations. You had everything lined up.....the House, the Senate, and the President. Then, the balloon burst.

With a bit of pondering.....a guy from Bama offers four observations.

You get the impression that fifty guys met in some guy's backyard to make a stew. There never was a clear instruction on the the guys mixed up shrimp, beef, cod fish, pork, lamb, rattlesnake, ostrich, chicken, turkey, croc, and turtle....into this big stew pot. Half the guys were drunk and could have cared less about the ingredients or the final outcome. The stew never got finished because the fifty guys kept arguing about beer, baseball and women....rather than concentrating on the stew itself.

There were around seven things which drove the price of healthcare up to the point where it is today. If you had only attacked one of those....and made a simplistic bill of eighty likely would have passed and cut the price of insurance down by eight percent. Six months later? You take another piece of the puzzle and cut another eight percent. For some reason....this was situation where a car repair was not had to dump the whole car and forget about simplistic repairs.

Two thousand pages? I sat and wondered how the colonies would have done the Declaration of Independence today. Would we have gone over the four thousand page point? Would we have given South Carolina forty million dollars for wooden bridge construction to get them to agree with a measure required by New York? Would the Declaration be debated by outside influences? Would we write a complete sentence for support of one measure in the Declaration, but then write eighty pages later a measure to forbid funding to support that one measure?

Face it.....the Democratic Party really doesn't exist. You saw various factions, and you have to admit it's really around a dozen mini-groups which make up the Party and pretend to be one group but they aren't. You sit and watch interviews where one big Party member says "X", then later....someone from the same party comes up to say that "X" isn't really that important. They pay each other with millions in bridge construction or road get agreement for stupid things that they'd normally never agree with.

So here we are. I don't think any reform of health care will occur in's completely a zero topic now. The remainder of this Administration? Nothing. The Republicans take control of the House and Senate by the end of 2010 and even if the President wins in 2012 (which is likely)....what else can happen with health care?

Finally, a comment over common sense and appearances. What if Representative Pelosi and Senator Reid were not the prime players in this entire game over the past six months? What if a more moderate Democrat with friendly character had run the Senate effort? What if a Florida moderate Democratic had taken up the House's leadership? There is an entirely different scenario which could have come out of this. Face it, Harry Reid really has zero impression on influencing folks. Nancy Pelosi? For hard core Democrats...she's a four-star wonder but once you leave that group of just don't have much of a impression.

So we've wasted tens of thousands of hours on MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and CNN....listening to some idiots talk and talk and talk over the package. The funny thing is that in the had to have the death of Teddy arranged replacement deal which had to be completely rebuilt by the top players of Massachusetts, and then an election where a Republican actually replaces Kennedy. At that point, the county fair ended.....and everyone went home. You can't even make up stuff like this.

Life goes on now....but we ought to have some grit in our teeth over the past six months. It was a joke....and never went beyond that stage.

Carpetbaggers Version 2010 Model

It is a curious event. A number of Baptist folks....from Idaho....flew down to Haiti (well....probably to the Dominican Republic).....then came over to an orphanage deal....and they had this idea of loading up a bunch of Haitian kids and bringing them to the promised land. A number of folks from Idaho jumped on this boat, led by Laura Silsby.

Now, most of your regular news folks....have laid out the sad episode and how it's just unfair for these ten folks to be held in Haiti over this act of kindness.

But you see....if you gaze over at Laura and her financial start to realize that she's either terribly incompetent at handling money and business.....or she is very good at taking money in and then declaring bankruptcy or something like it. The Times of London....did a 4-star piece on this gal and her business background.

Laura and her nanny (24 year old Charisa Coulter) kinda run this charity operation, and a number of folks from Idaho are kinda like the innocent folks who followed this deal down into the pit and never grasped the full implications. So right now....all ten folks sit in some Haitian jail (ten times worse than the county jail in Iuka, Mississippi).

My perception of their event? I think Laura and Charisa both conceived this massive charity deal....where you show some shiny stones on the table (the kids saved), and then hustle up a bunch rich locals in Boise to get all religious and dump thousands (likely over the $500k level)....and then shovel sixty percent of the money quickly into their pocket.

The only problem here is that they didn't really want to split the money with the Haitian government connection probably...and so the 'escape' of these kids was a conceived notion that the Haitian government would just look the other way. They didn't.

So what happens to the ten prisoners? I'm guessing a couple of rich guys up in Idaho are furious about their friends being held. They've probably called a Senator or two...and some strong-armed tactics are going to be thrown into this episode by the middle of next week. Eventually, the Haitian government is going to allow someone from Idaho to pay a $10k fine for the ten folks, and let them all leave (minus the kids).

As for our two players in this scheme? Laura and her nanny will get a trip back to Idaho...hug everyone at the airport and talk about their woes. Around a week later...the eight folks in this group and the other Baptists...will grasp how big a dimwit Laura is...and start to distance from the church effort.

My advice for Laura? Take the nanny....hustle it out of Boise....and head off to Bama. There are lot's of Baptists down there....naive enough to get into such scheme...and look for a better place to operate (like Kenya or Togo). There's always a chance to fool more folks somewhere else. And shouldn't have to sleep in some Haitian jail after you screw folks financially.