Friday, 19 February 2010

The Crazy-Like-A-Nut Defense

The UAH shooter got herself mentioned again in the news today. Apparently, her court-appointed attorney....Roy W. Miller....spoke out and said that Amy Bishop has severe mental problems. He associated her issues with paranoid schizophrenia. Then he said that she has a major problem in reaching conflicts with people needlessly, then becoming obsessed with the conflicts.

I sat there and pondered what this Huntsville attorney said. Basically....he's admitting that half the women in America are in this category.

I realize I'm going to get into trouble for saying this...but this guy laid out some pretty hefty comments which fit a fair number of folks.

The other point which I came to that she was married for roughly twenty years. Her husband had to realize what kind of mental condition that she was really in. He basically sat there and endured it? And the kids? They sat there and endured it as well?

In California or New York...this tactic of declaring a guy insane typically works in a case like this and the person ends up in some mental facility for twenty years and then gets released.

In Bama....I'd be guessing that this crazy-like-a-nut defense typically doesn't do much in a jury situation. Most folks on a Bama jury...have crazy relatives who drive cars, operate power equipment, own weapons, and attend church on Sundays. So they aren't going to readily buy into this deal. Don't forget we vote insane folks into public office, buy lumber from them, and often hunt with them.

She will eventually carry this into court....get a guilty verdict and get a death sentence. I will agree that she will carry all the way to the Supreme Court in declaring that she should just be confined in a special hospital, and it's hard to say what happens in the end.

Toyota's "Bring-It-On" Attitude

The congressional committee who has oversight over cars and safety.....has been pushing to have the Japanese President of Toyota in front of their committee.....mostly so they can bash him and give some points to GM, Chrysler and Ford.

I pondered over this for a few minutes today while riding the bus home from work.

It will be a funny moment, which none of these wise men from the House have envisioned....where a foreigner will be sitting there and chatting away in Japanese. They've never really had a foreign guest in a moment like this.

With every question that they pose....remember....these are long-winded political figures who spend three minutes asking a one-minute question.....then there will be a three-minute pause while the question is translated into Japanese. Then the President of Toyota will have a minute to arrange his thoughts....give his three-minute response....which then takes three minutes to be translated.

Think about question taking roughly thirteen minutes to accomplish.

Sitting at this table will be around fifteen political figures who want their picture broadcast widely and connected to this moment of Toyota-bashing. Each guy....if he's really lucky.....gets one stupid question to ask. So figure you get fifteen questions over a three hour period.

Imagine the minute-by-minute analysis by to translate what the translator gives you into what-he-meant.

About seventeen minutes into this mess...CNN will cut to a peanut butter poisoning case in Red Bay or a report on a Pabst beer truck overturning on I-95.

At any moment in this meeting....the Japanese President of Toyota could say in a very bold statement that his companies "....makes the best damn cars on the face of the Earth, and American cars can never reach the quality that real Americans demand."

As he says this in are some idiots from Congress grinning ear to ear on camera and not realizing what the the guy is really saying.

So for Ford, GM and Chrysler.....once the wise men of congress finish bashing Toyota for you....and next week, we learn about bad brakes on the F-150, or a bad accelerator on the newest Chrysler.....then you have to face the same invitation to congress. So as you begged Representative Snuffy to blast the Japanese....eventually, he'll come back to insult you.

Finally, some thoughts for any of you really thinking about this. Toyota still makes the best cars on the road in America today. If given a choice between the quality of a $15k Toyota or a $30k's still the Toyota that does the job in the end.

The Deficit Commission

I sat and pondered the new commission created by the President....the Deficit Commission. There are three simple observations.

First, has virtually zero power other than telling the President what he should do.....but congress could easily rig the deck of cards to overcome the brilliance or the stupidity of the Deficit Commission.

Second, since you need fourteen votes out of this entire group of push a recommendation onto the pretty much insures that few if any recommendations survive and make to the President's desk.

Finally....I sat there for a while.....pondering this. If this was such a great analysts on several networks lead me to believe....then why not use the same type fact....the same guys would be ok with me....for a universal health care commission. Yeah......since we need wise men to advise other wise men who will advise other wise men who will advise other wise men.......yeah, you know what I mean.

I like this "wise-men commission" idea. It helps to get a bunch of guys with free time out of the house and into a free food and coffee deal. These Deficit Commission guys would have been sitting around....watching Oprah....painting their garage....or maybe even attending really boring bank meetings. So we've helped them escape that......and maybe they can actually make a suggestion to dump high-grade toilet paper from government purchases and go to the cheapo-one-ply stuff.

The IRS Attack

I sat and watched the video of the after affects around the Austin IRS facility. There is one simple observation that I can make. If you attack a office building of this sort....around 0930 in the morning....there ought to be a fair amount of deaths in the building....and there weren't.

Everyone on a coffee break? You have to sit there and ask yourself how so many folks were not harmed in this matter. Were they at some training seminar? Were they at a morning meeting in another part of the building? Were they simply all late because of traffic this morning?

I'm a statistics person....and frankly, I would have expected something very tragic out of this event....and it just didn't happen.