Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Circus

I had bold plans go into DC and see the historic Chinese warriors....Terra Cotta exhibit. I arrived to discover....that you had to reserve your tickets and everything was sold out for the entire weekend. I sat there scratching my head. It was $12 and I just wanted a "Bama-look".....twenty minutes.....and I would have been out of the Circus-like atmosphere. So onward I plan "B".

I walked out and stood there at the Farragut Square area, and then I could hear the ambulance siren. Down the street came cop cars and running red light after red light. Then they made the turn in front of me, with a big black Lincoln Town-car behind them and Secret Service behind that dude. Yes, it was VP Biden. Joe, himself.

He turned in front of me and headed on down the street.

I paused here and thought about this great job as VP. You get up....sip free coffee and donuts. You climb into a Lincoln with a police escort, and run red-lights. You get to some meeting and act like you know something.....but the truth is that you know absolutely nothing. You sit back in the office, sip free booze and meet with other dimwits. Eventually go to bed in a house, with no rent or mortgage tied to it. Man, what a life.

So onward I went.

I came down to the back of the White House where some buses had dumped off some poor high school kids from New York City. The guys were in dress suits which barely fit and they looked like fancy dud's that you'd pick up at Army Surplus. The young ladies were mostly dressed as slutty as possibly. I stood there for five minutes watching this part of the circus.....then moved on.

Then I came to the anti-war folks. There were at least 500 gathered there and talking to media folks. I counted five media folks and I think most must have been given free meal coupons to interview these guys.

I stood and then watched at least a dozen Indian know....from Bombay.....who were actually getting their pictures taken in front of the White House. They were damn proud and I would have liked to ask their story, but kept moving.

Onward I went.

I walked all the way down to the Capital building....where the Tea Party crowd was gathered. It must have been 4,000 in number.....and you could see another 4,000 in the distance...marching up toward the building. I stood there and listened to some poorly written script for thirty minutes. Some Representative ran out and did a 2-minute speech. I'm guessing someone offered him some meal coupons for some speech time.

I lost interest after a while, and onward I marched.

Then I came to the pink ladies....mostly the anti-war types.....and listened to their chants for ten minutes.

I felt hunger pains and then sat down at Harry's. It's a nice little spot....kinda looking like the 1960's style restaurant you'd expect. $12 for a buffet deal that tasted three hours old. The biscuit wasn't eatable and the coffee was 1-star at best. The one thing that Harry's does have...which is a bathroom.

So onward I the National Art Gallery, and looked over the Dutch "Ice-Age" exhibit for thirty minutes. I acted as socialized, culture-like, and as knowledgeable as possible. I don't think any of the folks knew I was from Bama.

At that point, I knew I had my fill.....drink the last of my bottle of water.....and went to the Metro. There I found the first of four escalators that weren't working (it's a DC thing.....they build them but can't maintain them). So I went down a 200-ft escalator by foot.

I'm sitting here now....drinking some ice-cold orange juice and resting my feet.

It's spring-like weather....almost 72 degrees and perfect for a circus in DC. It's entertaining in a'd like to think democracy and the republic feeling could kinda make you proud to be living in DC.....but at the end of a long mostly sit and laugh. Franklin and Jefferson would have asked for some beer and likely telling jokes to each other all afternoon if they'd watched this mess underway.

So onward I march.

Life in the Big City

I walked out of the Pentagon this afternoon...walked three minutes....and caught the Metro. Sixteen minutes later, I got out and walked three hundred feet and bought a ticket to watch a movie. I stepped in and sat down, and the movie started four minutes later.

Going from your office to the seat at the less than thirty minutes. Never worrying about parking. Never waiting for red lights. Never pausing for some idiot driver.

There is this element of living in metro life that I'm coming to appreciate.