Monday, 22 March 2010

The Next Round

After all of the ups and downs of yesterday with the heath care bill and its passage....there is a little story which really hasn't gone too far with any of the networks.

Based on the way we have the bill business set up in America....because of differences between the House and Senate version...there is this movement of the bill back to the Senate and the eventual passage there.

People don't worry much about this because Harry Reid has gone to the new "51 is enough" scheme and it could the scheme to make this work.

However, there is this little extra issue....dealing with the Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian was never mentioned in high school civics or even college civics. He basically decides what's legal and what's not. He's not a Republican or a Democrat....he's more a college professor and keeps the laws as clean as possible.

In this case....the Republicans are of the idea that they might be able to add something to this bill...and with the current Parliamentarian...he would force the bill back to the House for yet another passage. I'm not of the mind that this would be possible with only only forty-one Republicans....but there's always this weird chance that something might happen.

Some people think that Reid has another trick left to bringing the VP back to the Senate and have him out rule the Parliamentarian. If this were to happen, it might be an unusual event that no Parliamentarian has seen in a hundred years.

So as we continue toward this have to wonder if there is ever an end to the mess.