Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tax Games

Across the river, into DC...they decided to have a tax on plastic bags that you get when buying groceries. It was set to a nickel on each bag that you took. They will tell you that they were going to use this $3 million a clean up a local river, which may or may not be true. Along the way...a curious thing happened.

A quarter into this...half the money they were there, while the rest simply never arrived. Folks suddenly found compelling reasons to avoid the plastic bags. They used canvas bags and paper bags...and avoided the tax.

The folks who wrote these taxation rules....are rather shocked that folks adapted this quickly to less plastic. They actually figured it'd take a couple of years before they'd stop.

Whats funny about that there are several communities that had been discussing this idea of plastic bag taxation and viewing it as a potential money-maker for the county or city. So I'm guessing they are going back and trying to figure the real gain if people shift that quickly away from plastic avoid the tax.

I thought about his for myself....because I use six bags a week typically, which would have totaled 30 cents. In a month.....$1.20. And in a year....less than $15. Me switch to canvas bags? I kinda doubt it. I would have gone to paper easily.