Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Problem in the Hands of the Innocent

Sometimes, you come across one of those articles...that makes you ponder for a while. Some woman in Britain is reporting that she has been diagnosed by a having a persistent genital arousal disorder....after she fell off her Wii Fitness board. She says....she damaged a nerve.

This gal...who we will leave unamed....lives in Manchester, England, and says that she has these intense sexual urges up to ten times a day.

It'll apparently occur just about anywhere....for any a "twinge" building up and before she knows turns into a "trembling orgasm."

Doctors are saying that these type of sensations can last hours, days or even weeks.

I sat here for a while and pondered over this issue. Certainly, it sounds like folks ought to avoid the Wii Fitness Board at all cost....especially if they were from Bama...otherwise, they could become injured and be fairly aroused all the time. Imagine, some gal working at Wal-Mart....all up into this disorder. Imagine Carla at the Catfish Cabin....with this disorder and trying to handle your order. Put yourself in the shoes of Ellen at the Dollar General Store...trying to handle your purchase when an attack occurs.

I believe that the Wii folks need to put a work of warning on the side of the box...."Intense Orgasms possible with this item". Tis is the only way to protect folks.

The Man Who Would Not Be Mayor

The city council up in Tracy City, Tenn will have to pick a new mayor now. Normally, this kind of story wouldn't really matter. But the funny thing is that they just had an election. The problem from the election is that some dead guy (he'd been dead more than just a week or two)....won.

The dead guy....Carl Robin around 268 votes. The second person in this two-way 85 votes.

The city council will fix the problem by appointment....but then this leaves you to pondering.

I grew up in the south, and can readily admit that this could happen in any community. There are several reasons to this situation.

First, when you show up to vote....and look at the's often hard to visualize who you are voting for. You might have even been a fishing buddy of the guy or the pall bearer.....but then you are standing looking at their name on the ballot, and without a bit of mark it. In your mind....ever how crazy it know the guy and haven't connected all the dots that he's been dead for two weeks.

Second, in a two-way a small town especially...between a dead guy and a possibly disliked second candidate....there's this southern logic that you ought to vote for the dead guy.

Third, if the dead guy was a Democrat and the second living candidate is a'd naturally vote for the dead guy. Don't ask me why, but we southerners do have this tendency.

Fourth, there's this promise business. If you promised the dead guy back four months ago that you'd vote for a true can't back out of your deal. You gotta carry out your promise.

Fifth and final....some folks who really hate local politics and the various arguments that erupt in town hall....may think that a dead mayor solves alot of the problems.

The bad thing about this some guy already wrote the obituary on Carl. It would have been the cherry on the cake....just to insert "elected mayor" into this and Carl's relatives would have been a bit perked up as it appeared in the newspaper.

So out the gates of heaven....stands Carl and he's looking down on this whole thing. He probably had bold ideas and fresh initiatives...and a new firetruck on his to-do list. In the end, this is just another one of life's little twists and turns.

A Hundred Days

One hundred days. It's been that long. Today is my anniversary. I've been in the US for one hundred days.

Counting? Yes.

I probably had different expectations, and so far only half have come to pass.

I'm surviving without a car....Metro isn't that big of a deal. I'm getting into my job but it's not anything that I'd brag about. I'm making money but I'm paying Virginia taxes. I'm an American but find myself as a stranger in an even stranger land.

I'm watching the History Channel and Animal Planet almost daily. I'm feeling less stress. My blood pressure has decreased. I wear a tie daily. I read two newspapers each day. I drink two gallons orange juice a week.

Maybe the next hundred days go well.

$40 Million Under the Car Seat

There's an amusing story out of DC today....over money and teachers.

Last year in DC....they realized a major shortfall in funds to pay teachers. So they came up with a list of 266 teachers and support personnel to let go. After the list came out....then came the announcement that some were fired because they were incompetent. Some were also fired because they had reports via the security folks on their "relationships" with students. Some were fired because they were simply junior on the totem pole and were picked off because of luck., we learned that the budget guys who told the DC educational chief to cut because of budget problems....used the wrong numbers. The education budget office holds around $40 million extra in their vault....than expected. Yes, they "found" new and fresh money.

In Bama, we'd ask some stupid questions and wonder IF MORE new and fresh money could be found, but apparently, that wasn't important here.

So, naturally the fired teachers all want to be rehired now.....a year later. Even the city commission in DC suggest that (remember, it's an election year and votes count).

The key thing now is the DC educational chief has promised pay raises to teachers to get them onto her next she says she can use that forty million to pay out the bonuses and higher pay. You can guess the reaction of the current teachers....don't rehire a single teacher, and full speed ahead.

I sat there laughing over this.

This is like your wife announcing that she found an extra $1400 in the money jar and she's buying a new piano for the living room. This is like your son going through the garage....finding a old sign from the gas station that closed, worth $2k, and then saying he was going to spend it all on fireworks.

I still go back to my original much MORE is sitting out there? I'm betting that these budget gurus have screwed up a number of things....if they mismanage $40 million.

Just another reason why I hate this local area.

Doctor Nurse

There was a nifty article in the paper that discussed this growing idea of putting nurses up as potential doctors.

The concept revolves around this problem of fewer doctors anticipated in the future. So they think the typical nurse with a 4-year degree, and a 3-year practitioner program.....could fill some squares.

I saw a surprising trend with the Air Force back in the late 90's....when they took a number of their nurses and developed programs to put them up front and possibly the next-best thing to be a real doctor.

The day came where I actually one of the "PA's" work on a medical problem of mine. It was a simple flu episode and I really just wanted a slip to get home and rest. He did the things you expected, signed the note....and I went home to rest.

If you look at half the work that your typical doctor does.....any nurse or PA could do the same thing. Even half of the drugs you get these days....could be accomplished by a nurse instead of a doctor.

A threat here? Yes. Doctor's aren't going to quietly accept this idea. They went through almost ten years of schooling and owe tons of money to someone. They don't want competition.

From a history point of view.....just one hundred years basically had a science background from some university....studied under some doctor at a metropolitan hospital for six to twelve months....and called yourself a doctor. It was pretty simple to earn the title and folks didn't argue. Over one hundred years....we've raised our expectations.

I'm suspecting that fifty percent of the medical requirements we have in most counties could be done by a nurse with extended training. You could start to review cost and realize that half you bills could be vastly different. But would you accept a nurse's opinion over your issue? That's the key point to this argument. If you won't accept a nurse telling what's wrong.....then this falls flat.

Voting in Virginia

There's some kind of debate going on now in "my" state of Virginia....over guys with felony records who want to vote.

The Governor hints that if they write a essay and request their vote back....he'll consider it. No one really clear on this effort. I'm guessing he will hand out some votes and deny some votes....just to look both fair and unfair.

I have a problem with this denial of vote business. If it's such a wise idea to deny a guy his vote....why not deny them their right to pay taxes as well?

There is this basic idea of paying taxes and then having the right to toss out the representative....if they screw up tax resolutions and the way they spend the revenue. No taxation without's that simple. So if any guy with a felony record living in Virginia wanted to write a essay on this....feel free to take my topic and apply it to the governor's essay. No promises though....I don't think the governor wants to hear about votes and taxes being tied together. And he'll likely remind you that you do have a number of rights in being an American....but you don't have the right to vote. That says alot.