Saturday, 17 April 2010

A Card that Invites Questions

As most of you know....I read a fair number of newspapers. I don't brag about this much in public. But this allows me to come across little stories that make you stop and ponder.

This week...from the Flint Journal...15 April, they reported that a local guy called up the cops. He'd lost his billfold.

Apparently, there were some critical documents in that billfold. There was the ID....which is always very important. There was the social security card....fairly important. And then, there was his medical marijuana card.

This billfold was apparently lost as he was pumping gas into his car over on Fenton Road in Flint.

I sat there a while....and kept wondering why you'd want to admit to the cops that you had a medical marijuana card. Course, I am from Bama, and I'd normally be thinking that this would trigger some cop to ask three or four extra questions that it'd be better not to answer.

So I sat pondering. How many folks are driving around today with a medical marijuana card? Fifty thousand? A million? I don't know.

Not being in the business of buying medical marijuana...I'm kinda wondering how you'd use it. Does it work like the Sam's Club card? Do you get a discount like at Costco? Is there a picture on it? Do you have certain brands of marijuana that are noted on the card as OK? Does the card work across state lines? If you flashed the card as a ID for cops....would it bring on added questions?

These are the questions that I ponder. Here's the other thing....which triggers a question there a guy driving around Flint now....with this stolen medical marijuana card and using it to get his requirements?

Oh, and if you were wondering about the picture....yeah, I did some research. This California card cost $99. Some doctor examines you and pronounces you in need of medical marijuana. Pretty nifty.

Fake the Fake of the Fake on the Fake

Out in Sacramento this week, some story popped up with a fake tea party player. I won't publish his name, kinda feeling sorry for the guy.

He apparently got talked into this by some "friends".

Several folks have begun noticing folks at these tea party meetings and demonstrations that don't fit. They've even gone to the extent of confronting them and identifying them. Then the cops get involved....and kinda help the guy to escape from trouble. Sadly, you end up with your picture being taken.

Fakers? I'm trying not to laugh over this. When all the various liberal demonstrations came in the 1960s....the right-wing guys were never stupid enough to become a fake player in the groups.

The same thing came in the last five years with the anti-war crowd....there just weren't any fakers within their cause.

So it's interesting in a way to watch this fake business start up now.

The problem I see is a personal one. You show up as a faker and play out your role. At some point, CNN captures your face and sign. It gets into the press. You show back up at the environmentalist front, the far-left-liberal front, or whatever game you are playing....and Barney says he questions your "faith" or "loyalty".

You try to explain your falseness and they start to wonder if you are being false now.

This is a bad game to start. It's like trying to talk big at the Baptist church that you condemn all drinkers....then show up at the neighbors to get completely drunk on Saturday night....then show back up at church the next day to condemn all drinkers again.

Our Bushism Guy

“…whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower”

I stood for two days and let the President's comment wander around in my mind. It was in the midst of the nuke conference....and he needed a 4-star comment that journalists would take and run with. turned into a 4-star spear that they tossed back into his lap. was precisely the same comment that I'd expect out of George Bush....especially in the last three years of his Presidency.

I sat there and pondered over five or six quotes that he could have used:

"....whether we like it or is great".

"....whether we like it or not....taxes are screwed-up".

"....whether we like it or not....women in tube tops are hot".

"....whether we like it or ought to be sold in every Bama county".

"....whether we like it or not.... politicians are fools".

"....whether we like it or not....Joe Biden is a fool".

"....whether we like it or not....General Motors and Toyota are both in failure mode".

"...whether we like it or not....Fox News is the only fair and balanced news organization on TV today".

"....whether we like it or not....Bama has a better football team than Nebraska".

These are all Bushisms. Sadly.

So are there guys sitting around America....thinking whether we like it or not....America's military is still a "bull" to be reckoned with? Could it be that some dopey guys with fried brains are wasting time thinking about this? You could think about football or Dancing with the Stars or statistical analysis...but to waste it thinking about the US military's might?

Something is wrong here...really wrong. But let's start with the Bushism. It's about as stupid as you can get...and we are barely 16 months into this Presidency.

A Unicorn Pony

Once upon a a faraway land...there was a company....that dreamed a dream. They wanted to make millions.

So they built an imaginary land....and put imaginary warriors in the midst of the land. They connected the dots, built the server, and sold subscriptions. And so began World of Warcraft.

The boys at WOW make tens of millions per month...and were fairly satisfied. This week....they decided to try a bold new concept...selling unicorn ponies at $25 a whack. Well...yeah, they called the little fella a Celestial Steed...but after a realize he's just a unicorn pony.

The boys at WOW made $2 million in one hour unicorn pony sales. You have to sit there and laugh about this. All of these digital warriors sitting around their house or apartment....gathering up weapons and points...and now owning a unicorned make things complete.

I paused over this event and pondered. If you could make $2 million in just an hour....selling some stupid unicorned pony to a bunch of idiots ($25 each)....why not sell them a digital "GI Joe-walkie talkie" or a digital dose of penicillin when they get bad off sick in WOW-land. I could rake in $100 a month from each one of these idiots....and retire by age forty with tens of millions in my pocket.

My son is a WOW player (something I really hate to admit)...and I'm pretty sure (I don't want to ask)....that he also spent $25 for his unicorn pony. I pondered over this a while and realized that you'd typically have to feed a somewhere out there...sitting and grinning over the next a guy who invented digital hay...and he's likely from Bama (just guessing).