Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mountain Twilight

By William Renton

The hills slipped over each on each
Till all their changing shadows died.
Now in the open skyward reach
The lights grow solemn side by side.
While of these hills the westermost
Rears high his majesty of coast
In shifting waste of dim-blue brine
And fading olive hyaline;
Till all the distance overflows,
The green in watchet and the blue
In purple. Now they fuse and close -
A darkling violet, fringed anew
With light that on the mountains soar,
A dusky flame on tranquil shores;
Kindling the summits as they grow
In audience to the skies that call,
Ineffable in rest and all
The pathos of the afterglow.

Jump Far and Clear

Saginaw News reports:

A Shepherd woman is being treated for head trauma at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids after leaping from a pickup because her husband refused to stop for her to purchase cigarettes about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Isabella County sheriff’s officials said.

Jacklin L. Faber, 51, was the passenger in a GMC Sierra pickup driven by Michael E. Faber, 54, of Shepherd, and according to sheriff’s officials, when Michael Faber refused to stop for his wife to purchase cigarettes, Jacklin Faber “decided to jump out of the pickup while it was traveling down the road" on South Shepherd Road, south of Federal in Coe Township.

Sheriff’s officials said Michael Faber realized his wife’s intentions just before she jumped and was able to slow the vehicle to between 10 mph and 15 mph before she leapt.

Jacklin Faber suffered head injuries and was transported to Central Michigan Community Hospital and later airlifted by helicopter to Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids for treatment.

I sat and paused over this story. This gal...Jacklin....is a tough gal. And I'm guessing that her husband....Micheal....is probably a non-smoker.

Future relations here? Well....I'm guessing that things may spiral a bit.

If you got to jump from a vehicle....you tend to want a truck to jump from. A car is usually too low to the ground and you might get runt over by the wheel wheels of the car.

With a truck....you can hurl yourself a little and fall into the ditch. Course, then....if you live in Bama....you have to worry about water moccasins in the ditch or broken beer bottles (if you live in a dry county). If you can aim at a fellow's yard....it's a better deal and you might just roll twelve times and be ok. Maybe. But then you might have the property owner's ferocious border collie to contend with.