Tuesday, 18 May 2010

But Who Counts?

The DC paper came out today....telling you that the homeless folks in DC....are on the decrease....maybe by three percent since 2006.

I sat there....pausing over this topic, and wondering who the heck walks around counting homeless folks. There's apparently 11,774 of these folks within DC.

Imagine an average county in Bama....with 11,774 folks sitting around and no home. Some folks settle into a half-way situation (naturally paid by the government in some fashion).....and some folks just find a place on the street or in a park to sleep through the days and evenings.

I've walked around DC. You have different varieties of homeless folks. You've got the guys who really ought to be in mental facilities....under lock and key. The government won't dare grab them or take them....because it's just not right to stick these guys away from freedom (at least thats what they say).

You've got some folks who got into some drugs....and the relatives just said enough....no more help.

You've got folks who drink eighteen hours a day....and that's mostly all the thrills in life they can entertain.

Leaving DC? Why? They'd have face an enormous task. Besides.....there's no logic to leaving. So they stay.

The thing that interests me....is that someone in the government really cares about this problem enough....that they count these guys. And the numbers reflect something to somebody.

What would happen if some unusual group stood up and said...."we're taking 800 people off the streets this year, and they will be housed completely, working, and actually paying taxes within twelve months"?

Could the homeless establishment support such an agenda? It's curious that the chief goals of these organizations is always to feed and keep the homeless folks in check without making the massive effort of decreasing them. You almost need an entire fresh group with a fresh prospective, and a absolute refusal to accept loser-status being tied to a guy.

Miss America

The last time I ever watched a Miss America pageant entirely? Around 1973....I went with my dad to visit relatives in Demopolis, Bama. The entire family there gathered around the TV and watched the whole show entirely. I remember....sitting there....and thinking....none of these gals are smart enough to hold a brick or sell you a pencil, but man, they look sharp in swimsuits. And then, that was it.

I've gone over thirty-five years....without ever watching it again.

This past weekend....apparently the pageant came on....and this comical episode arose. In the midst of the end....there was Miss Oklahoma, and this Latino dude from the Office show. He's all prepped up to ask a really tough question....referring to the Arizona immigration business.

His question: "Do you think this should be mandated by the state, or the federal government?"

Miss Oklahoma stood there for a second and simply said: "I'm a huge believer in states' rights. I think that's what's so wonderful about America. So I think it's perfectly fine for Arizona to create that law and I'm against illegal immigration, but I'm also against racial profiling so I see both sides in this issue" .

The crowd....went into a fit and you could predict her numbers were kinda screwed over at this point.

In the end.....she loses to Miss Michigan.

So around forty-eight hours pass....and now you learn that Miss Michigan did some strip tease episodes. Maybe not as bad as some would think....but you start to smell issues arising out of her past.

Its comical in a way.....you have a wannabe acting game. A bunch of losers parade around as judges and big-time players. You have some blondes who are blondes and redheads pretending to be blondes and brunettes pretending to be bad-blondes. So they hold your attention for two hours and you keep wanting to keep score, but the truth is that you can't figure out any scoring system to this mess.

And then some guy comes up to toss in the immigration reform mess.....and you start to notice Uncle Ernie in the living room all confused....Aunt Justine starts asking what the heck a blonde knows about immigration anyway....and your nephew Karl asking if there's another swimsuit evaluation after this part of the show.

So, is it important for a future Miss America contestant to actually be intelligent enough to answer questions the right way or the left way?

And what should Miss Oklahoma say in this case? I'm thinking: "Everyone needs to be happy and work hard to make everyone else happy, and spread happiness around to everyone, and appreciate happy thoughts, and pray for happiness for everyone, and if we are happy, then mandates will be ok.....you know".

Then....you sip a long beer and give her maximum points for answering the blonde way, not the right way or the liberal way. Isn't this what the whole game is about?

Mountain Twilight

By William Renton

The hills slipped over each on each
Till all their changing shadows died.
Now in the open skyward reach
The lights grow solemn side by side.
While of these hills the westermost
Rears high his majesty of coast
In shifting waste of dim-blue brine
And fading olive hyaline;
Till all the distance overflows,
The green in watchet and the blue
In purple. Now they fuse and close -
A darkling violet, fringed anew
With light that on the mountains soar,
A dusky flame on tranquil shores;
Kindling the summits as they grow
In audience to the skies that call,
Ineffable in rest and all
The pathos of the afterglow.

Jump Far and Clear

Saginaw News reports:

A Shepherd woman is being treated for head trauma at Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids after leaping from a pickup because her husband refused to stop for her to purchase cigarettes about 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Isabella County sheriff’s officials said.

Jacklin L. Faber, 51, was the passenger in a GMC Sierra pickup driven by Michael E. Faber, 54, of Shepherd, and according to sheriff’s officials, when Michael Faber refused to stop for his wife to purchase cigarettes, Jacklin Faber “decided to jump out of the pickup while it was traveling down the road" on South Shepherd Road, south of Federal in Coe Township.

Sheriff’s officials said Michael Faber realized his wife’s intentions just before she jumped and was able to slow the vehicle to between 10 mph and 15 mph before she leapt.

Jacklin Faber suffered head injuries and was transported to Central Michigan Community Hospital and later airlifted by helicopter to Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids for treatment.

I sat and paused over this story. This gal...Jacklin....is a tough gal. And I'm guessing that her husband....Micheal....is probably a non-smoker.

Future relations here? Well....I'm guessing that things may spiral a bit.

If you got to jump from a vehicle....you tend to want a truck to jump from. A car is usually too low to the ground and you might get runt over by the wheel wheels of the car.

With a truck....you can hurl yourself a little and fall into the ditch. Course, then....if you live in Bama....you have to worry about water moccasins in the ditch or broken beer bottles (if you live in a dry county). If you can aim at a fellow's yard....it's a better deal and you might just roll twelve times and be ok. Maybe. But then you might have the property owner's ferocious border collie to contend with.