Monday, 7 June 2010

My Town

I live in a triangle of sorts....Arlington/Alexandra/Fairfax, Montgomery County Maryland, and Washington, DC.

On Metro property...subway and bus terminals included...for 2010...there's been 894 robberies, 94 aggravated assaults and one homicide reported.

The vast majority? Over across the river in Washington, DC. Virginia has a fairly strong police force and has shown the ability keep the peace. Montgomery County? Well...things have been escalating there.

Friday...we had an afternoon episode at Union Station in DC. Some kid was stomped on by twenty steal his tennis shoes. Cops came but it was late....and the kid is surviving by the skin of his teeth. They arrested around five to ten....the rest made it away.

Some locals are starting to question the ability of DC to survive. All of these crimes are committed by kid between 15 and 20 mostly. It's around ninety to ninety-five percent male.

You can't really walk around DC after the sun goes down...unless you are in the midst of a group of five or more.

My fix for this? Give up on the district and incorporate it all into Virginia. Bring on the real law...and start putting a threat on every street to the punks. will see some third-world city with no ability to survive.