Friday, 11 June 2010

Dutch Makeover

In the Netherlands....welfare is handled by the local towns or counties. Naturally...the more unemployed folks you have...the more you pay.

So this area in the Netherlands sat down and examined their "members", and came to the conclusion that they had alot of women...probably in the thirty to sixty age group...who were single or divorced. They came to this conclusion....offering a one-time deal....of roughly $1,500 to these women to have a fashion and beauty makeover. Then they got a special deal with a dating help them find a husband.

Naturally, this is being critized from all over the rest of the Netherlands, and Europe. A number of folks are calling this unethical. Some are suggesting abuse of taxpayer money.

They need to have seventy women (by their suggested goal) show it "worked". So far, they've got one women signed up and in the program. Based on comments in three newspapers....there's around 600 to 700 women who would be eligible for the program.

If you've never been to the Netherlands....things tend to work a bit different there. I've made five or six trips up and spent weekends there. People tend to think in a odd fashion. Everyone has a sense of humor. And life is pretty low stress. The idea of offering government funding for makeovers....probably didn't take more than thirty minutes to sell to the regional council over such matters.

I'll reserve judgement on this idea until the one woman in the program currently....actually hooks some guy. And based on long dating periods for the Dutch in general....this might take three or four years before she's actually this might not be the quick-fix solution that some dream of.