Wednesday, 16 June 2010

DC Dehydration

Yesterday in DC....they had General David Petraeus almost pass out in a Senate hearing. They rushed the guy out for twenty minutes and gave him several cups of water. When he did come back ....he kinda admitted that he had gotten "dehydrated".

It's an interesting experience being here in DC in the summertime. Even I've come to recognize five or six times this year that I felt dehydrated. I suspect its the combination of heat and humidity. I've come to gulp down a good bit of water before I walk out of the apartment to work, and I'll guzzle a XL cup of ice tea by mid-morning, with a second cup by mid-afternoon.

I suspect the general is a bit embarrassed by the episode. You hate admitting that you were missing the key signs to sip some water.

Only an Observation

There was some talk today by folks suggesting various methods of how Alvin Greene from South Carolina picked up various votes and won in the senate primary there.

One of those suggestions came around to the concept of just identifying the name....and linking it to some singer. Folks came to admit that they didn't really know either and it was strictly a name thing that lead to their vote.

I sat and pondered over this comment.

I worked with a guy who took a statistics class. To make a point, he lead a survey for his class project that centered around names. You could vote for five people. He gave a brief two-line comment about all five fictional names. One of the five was named: "Candy Le Duke". He did the survey around 100 folks....and eventually came back to report the results. "Candy" won the majority of votes (somewhere around 50 votes). The other four all got around five to fifteen percent. His analysis was that the name mattered.

I've voted in four elections in my life. I realize that this upsets some of you because I'm fifty and I should have voted seven times minimum and perhaps as much as fifteen times. And if you count the fact that I'm registered to vote in two states (which we really don't want to admit)....I should be voting a heck of a lot. But frankly, I vote only when I see a clear national candidate....and otherwise....I don't care much for the episode.

I came to some point where state candidates really weren't identifiable. For example....I don't know these idiots running for county commissioner or school board. I might know the top two guys running for governor....but the lt governor position? I have no idea.

At one point....after the presidential position....I voted for the first guy in each row. One year....I voted for the libertarian candidate in each row.

So I can understand this issue of just picking Alvin Greene's name at random....and just giving the guy my vote. Maybe it's true that the Republicans didn't help him (I really doubt it but why not give it a shot that they were purely innocent in this case). And folks just voted for name recognition only. Maybe one year.....Candy Le Duke will run....and win by a wide margin.