Thursday, 1 July 2010

"You Haven't Said Much of Anything"

At some point yesterday....Democratic Senator Arlene Specter...laid into Ms Kagen. You could tell it was like some college dean who was taking a first-year law student to the mat and basically suggesting that their answers weren't cutting it.

You could tell that Ms Kagen was shaken by Arlene. He wasn't "Mr Easy" and she was expecting a easy touch. There is a missing piece from her history....from skipping the court room and missing out on judge requirements to play her entire life as an academic. She hasn't met a touch character of people from real life.

This perception that people have....that she will bring this 'convincing' character into the Supreme Court and perhaps talk one Justice occasionally to cross the line over to meet the 'liberal four'....might be a curious stumble.

The five on the right side of the court....have all been real judges and don't easily find themselves swaying to some academic talk. I suspect as the months pass by, and Justice Kagen meets up with her partners....things won't be as swell as she thought. Her big 'sell' trait....may end up as some skill never appreciated by anyone.

And as for Arlene? Well....I was kinda shocked. He's a lame duck senator with no real chance to do anything much for the Democratic party. He might just shock a few of the Democrats here in the final months as he sides more with the Republicans.....just my view.

My Day

I had a gal in my office who has two daughters (12 & 15). She had to leave at 2PM take the two "ladies" over to a local theater to see the next episode of the Twilight Saga (the vampire dudes). They kinda demanded to be there on opening day.

I asked her if it bothered her that this was scary. She kinda laughed and said the vampires in the Twilight movies...are never scary. These teenage girls walk around and daydream about these vampires all the time now.

I suggested this was different from the glory days when we had Frankenstein and zombies. She agreed.

It is a strange world where we live in. Vampires are "hunks" and teenage girls dream of having one around. Only in America.