Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Vampire Thing

It's a funny story of sorts that appeared today...some Pennsylvania can call it a Obama-grassroots group....showed up at a premiere of "Twilight" (the next episode of the teenage vampire series).

They sat there and gathered 300 voter registrations in this effort and are talking about going out to other showings of the movie across the region.

Might this catch on, and thousands of new registered voters gathered before support of the Democrats...all because of a vampire movie? Yeah.

It's an amusing thing to think about. Most adults won't waste time or money on the Twilight series. They might rent it or catch it on HBO later...but this is a teenage girl thing mostly.

So, vampire-lovers prefer democrats? Well....this would be a dopey thing to suggest. Real dopey in fact.

However, Republicans might just as well think about this and start showing up at NASCAR events...and registering folks there.

Then the Democrats would battle back and show up at ice hockey games to register folks there.

Then the Republicans would counter-attack by going to the entrance of various Hooters establishments....and registering folks there.

This would go back and forth....until both groups accidentally show up in New Orleans and end up registering each other as Democrats and Republicans while in a drunken spree. CNN would broadcast the entire mess and the nation would be in massive disbelief that both parties were that stupid.

So, if you are to go out of state...say Tennessee or Georgia or Kansas...and about to enter to watch some Vampire movie, and some Democrat guy asks you to register in their them a favor and just register. in your home state is just one could vote elsewhere too (just don't tell anyone what you did).

Broke But Rich

The state of Pennsylvania is broke. At least, they will say this and show the books to mostly prove it. They are having dismal troubles in paying off various basic services and having to look for cuts.

Today, they kinda admitted that they did find $10 million for the Arlen Specter Library, which they believe really needs to be done up.

Now, to be honest...they didn't have the $10 million. They admitted this yesterday as well. But they are going to "BORROW" the money, so that the library can get a 'leg up' (as they say in Tennessee).

The ten million will end up going to the Philadelphia University and I imagine they will just add a chunk of building onto a already existing library with a fancy entrance...and put up five or six shelves of Scottish law books for folks to read during their lunch hour.

The nice thing about this is that they didn't have the money...but they knew how to borrow the money. And some idiot was willing to loan them the hopes that this was a good loan to be repaid.

Somehow, in the scheme of get this feeling that folks who government business...are kinda like those guys who borrow $80k on their Master Card...and don't worry about payments later.

I Was Thinking

It's just my theory but here's my BP predicted outcome. Before October...BP International splits it's American piece off. US BP will continue to exist and be stuck with the oil mess to clean up and probably a cash slush fund of $40 billion....with a staff of couple thousand folks and barely any profit since all of the Gulf projects are in question now.

The remaining big chunk of BP? It'll be totally renamed....and repackaged. It'll survive on.

The US BP group? Well...they will try to clean up the mess and pay off folks in Louisiana for two years but shortly after the 2012 election...they will be broke and declaring bankruptcy.

To make this happen cleanly...the BP national folks will help both political parties and ensure no one asks stupid questions over the next two years.

US BP dies a quiet death...the Gulf will still have oil issues....and you can't blame much of anyone.

Just my scenario.