Saturday, 17 July 2010

Idiot Kids

We have another 'kid' aiming for a round-the-world sailing expedition (alone).

This time? A Dutch 14-year-old. Up until this week...her mother was standing against her wishes and trying to use the Dutch court system to ensure it didn't happen. In the last couple of days...the mother finally gave up and is just agreeable to anything this girl wants to do.

Some folks in the Netherlands have pointed out that this is a long voyage and interrupts her schooling....and her social development. But apparently, there are enough idiots in the Dutch system to ensure every kid gets a chance to screw themselves up.

Naturally, if she does survive this'll be a great encouragement for 12-year old girls...and maybe next year...we can get another younger kid to attempt this....and maybe eventually we can get some seven-year old kids to make the attempt as well.

At the heart of money. You can't buy a vessel capable of circling the globe for less than $40k. You need food and beverages for such a add another $3k. Go figure in the communications and solar power gear for another $4k. Who has this money? This would be curious to know. Rich parents? I doubt it. Rich sponsors or media folks? Hmmmm.

Eventually, some kid will disappear in the Atlantic and we'll say it was stupid to think this was smart for a kid to attempt this. But we have to wait for a kid to die...before we are willing to say it in public.

The Glacier Water

This is a bottle of 10 Thousand BC water.'d typically pay around $1 for a bottle this size of "water".

But 10 Thousand BC water is different. It's bottled at a glacier mountain range in western Canada. They have to haul it out via a boat. And it takes at least a day or two to get the boat to civilization.

Naturally, this water costs a little more. $12.50 typically.

I realize....that this is a bit more than you'd typically pay for your bottled water via Piggly Wiggly or Buddy's Grocery.

You have to think of this bottle as special. You buy a bottle or two....and when your favorite friend stops haul this out with two short glasses with a cube or two of ice in them. You open the bottle like a bottle of Jacky D's.....and you pour it slowly.

You kinda mention the glacier side of this story. How 100,000 years passed and the water run-off from the glacier ran down into some water tank. Course, you leave out the fact that some prehistoric guy may have peed in the water at the summit of the mountain, or that some woolly mammoth have have stepped through the area on his way south and left some droppings. You want this moment to be precious and special.

You sip your way through this. Don't guzzle it like you would when hauling hay or like a Pabst beer after a football game. You want to enjoy this moment. Remember.....each short glass of water is $3. It's almost the same price of a good cheap rum....if you think about it.

Somewhere....up in the frozen north of Canada...are sitting these guys....grinning around a $100k fireplace.....sipping real 60-year old whiskey and laughing over this stupid trend of glacier water. Who would have ever guessed that people would be willing to pay $12.50 for a bottle of water.

Something about this trend doesn't make any sense. Water is water. You could buy the same size of bottle from a company in Tennessee for a buck but for some just isn't the same. The truth is....we've got too much money....and buying some glacier water makes us feel better. So ask your local Piggly Wiggly manager about getting some 10 Thousand BC water....and maybe it'll make your day better.

Finally, somewhere in Bama....hidden from mortals for 50,000 some spring water area....with crisp and perfect water flowing from some rocks. You can stand there with a glass and sip water that's just as good as glacier water....for free....but after a while, you'd think about this and decide not to share with folks. They'd just guzzle it down and never enjoy the moment.


First, let me admit....I don't own a iPhone....nor would I ever buy one. I think it's a huge waste of money for just a "toy". But this is a guy who grew up on a farm in Bama saying this....and I'm a little picky over "toys" (air-conditioned tractor cabs are ok, a $3k sound-systems for your 'TV-room' is stupid, and a fancy Sears water-sprinkler that costs over $100 is ridiculous).

So the chatter this week was this continued problem with the brand-new iPhone. Basically....reception is lousy and customers are unhappy. There's talk of a recall which Apple really doesn't want to have happen. The truth is that they should have tested this another month or two....and improved the model before selling....but they didn't.

So this "fix" that appears this week....the kinda interesting. I sat and watched the 60-second clip on how it works....and then they showed the price ($30).

This is a simple metal clip of sorts....that some Chinese guy probably developed in six hours for the Apple engineer....and the Chinese company probably manufactures the bumper for about $2.50. And they want to sell this to you idiots who own a new iPhone for $30? Something doesn't make sense here.

So for you guys with might want to reconsider the offerings from Motorola. It's true....they may be three years behind the times. It's true, they may only have half the bells and whistles of the iPhone. It's true, the Motorola sales guys come off looking like Chevy dealers. But you know....their products work and they don't recall anything.

Circus Week

I sat this week and watched this circus take effect over the NAACP, the Tea Party, and racism. Various media wannabe players and people who claim authority over the pulse of the heartland....raced to spread the word, or discuss this matter to the ninth degree.

It felt like a circus. You had act after act come forward....some doing damage control. Some were discussing history. Some wanted to brand the Tea Party racist but kept running out of examples. And at the end of felt like it was a NASCAR race with no accidents but alot of blown engines.

The NAACP? Well....they had their hay-day in the 1950s and 1960s. At some point in the 1970s....they maxed out and were pretty much stalled as an effective organization. Modernization? They haven't shown any great changes in a decade. The interesting thing is that their top tier of leadership all try to speak like Doctor Martin Luther King and it's more than obvious.

One of the sad parts of the lack of advancement for the NAACP is the fact that tens of thousands of black-owned business have shoved off and moved on. A fair segment of black society has found the American dream and are great examples of how the system works. This side of the dream isn't ever discussed in NAACP speeches or conveyed via their programs.

The Tea Party in this racism accusation? You can find a sign at almost every Tea Party rally that has a racist element to it. But consider of five hundred that might fall into this's what you'd expect. You can go off to a Democratic Party meeting in South Carolina and always get some idiot to make a stupid racist comment. Then you can run off to a lead pipe convention in Houston and find another idiot out of a hundred participants making such a comment.

Then, you come to a bunch folks wanting to promote racism as the old fashioned racist angle to American life. It'd be fine, except they tend to only mention a bunch of white guys being racist.....and never chat about Latinos who are racist, or Asian-Americans who are racist, or Blacks who are racist, or Russian-Americans who are racist.

You can walk through a mall in Kansas City and ask a hundred folks some simple questions. By the figure out that fifty percent of upscale blacks have a major issue with ghetto-blacks and wouldn't dare associate with such a character. Then you discover that almost everyone has this false impression of all French folks as being losers. If you ask the right then discover that most folks think of Japanese folks as hard-working and industrious....but you ask why and they admit they own a Honda and that's how they got their impression.

So they've had an entire week to talk this thing out and come to no conclusion in their mind....and the experts have gone back to their think-tanks to wait for the next NAACP meeting and a fresh chance to explain their vision of America. The heartland sits in anticipation of such a circus in the future....and meanwhile continues on in pursuit of the American dream.