Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's About the Money

There's a shocker to occur in a few weeks in California. Today...the governor finally stood up and said that towns and every public entity...need to admit on a public web-page...what their executives are making.

There's no guarantee about this being law exists to force them. But each town that does it without any worry...and each town that remains...causes a little ripple effect.

You can imagine a town council meeting where two hundred folks meet up and ask what the top twenty executives of the city make...and the idiots on the council just grin and say that it's hard to come to a realistic number. That'll be the last meeting that they hold in a public official.

The shocker? I'm taking a wild guess here that some towns of 4,000 in population...will wake up and find a city manager making $250k, and the next twelve guys making $150k to 240k. It's going to be hard to explain this...or the pension deal...without the public asking stupid questions.

The end of the end? might be a rough August and September...leading up to election day in November.

California Woes

Statistics are something that I often admire.

Today...via the LA Times and some really brilliant guys over at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research...we learn that one in five California folks....admit they need mental health care.

Yep, just about five million California adults admit they've got some kind of mental or emotional issue.

The news folks want to let folks know that these massive cuts around the state budget is harming the state ability to reach out to the lesser folks in California. The medical folks are worried that massive cuts are coming.

For me...we've got major issues if one in five California folks are having serious emotional problems. You have to start judging their stability to stress...their reliability to comprehend the law or social requirements in life...and finally...the safe nature of life there is called into question.

The best way to help folks there? Well...maybe a state-run twenty-four hour a day channel with some Doctor Phil characters continually running around and talking to folks. Maybe lots of cheap mind altering drugs on the open market might help. Maybe we could run Oprah re-runs on another channel. course, we could just take bus-loads of California folks out of the state and filter them amongst regular folks in Missouri and Arkansas...and just put them to work.