Monday, 2 August 2010

A Golf-Cart Episode

We had an episode over the weekend in the local area (in Maryland). Some 60-year old guy....was apparently returning to his home via a golf-cart.....around midnight. We aren't sure about alcohol consumption....but this was after midnight. He's on a trail next to the Potomac the midst of darkness.

He takes a wrong turn, and then goes down a 15-foot bank....plunging into the Potomac. Dead.

The other two guys in the cart survive.

You always wonder about these golf-carts and their usage during the retirement years. Mixing alcohol and cart use.....just doesn't add up.

Across the River

There's things to occur in DC...that you hear about and you start laughing. Most of it never makes into the national news because it's just too embarrassing to admit this stuff.

So, over the weekend...there was this awards ceremony to recognize good behavior by DC youth. Basically, the city is pumping big cash into a program....with various community folks pulling hundreds of thousands for their 'experts' and their costs.

The awards deal is to handle teenage punks who were offenders in some way....then they got rehabilitated....and became model citizens.

So as this ceremony started to conclude.....three young ladies (18, 20, and 19 years old) into a fury....and started whacking on each other.

Chairs started being thrown and then fists were tossed.

Cops were called....along with fire & rescue folks.

Fortunately....a cop or two stood up to protect the mayor. Eventually....the ladies were laid on the ground...handcuffed, and dragged off.

Luckily.....these kids had just been given awards for good they've got something to show the judge when their case comes up. That's the kind of city that lies across the river.


Last the smoke started to clear with Representative Charley Rangel's case...we got a second case added to the mess (Maxine Waters of California). Maxine's troubles center around her husband's financial situation. He owned stock in a bank which had major problems, and Representative Waters asked for help for that bank. They haven't explained the kind of help she asked for....which might be interesting to know.

So two black members of the House are sitting on the doorstep of the House ethics committee.

Over the weekend...with a comment made of a "dual standard" situation....things went into bigger discussion. There's this perception by some folks of one standard for white House members and one standard for black House members.

I sat and pondered over this for a while.

There's two observations that I can make. First, most House members....when they start to get into trouble...they invite in a lawyer and an accountant....and they start to get real proactive. They write checks to the IRS quickly. They pay off corrupt loans quickly. They fix their problems and get out of the mess fast. In this case...both Charley and Maxine decided to play the stupid card and wait for the bigger mess to arrive.

My second observation is that there is a dual-standard in place. A regular American either Charley or Maxine's situation....would be called to face the SEC or the IRS real quickly...and be talking about jail time. So far....neither face any real authorities back in their home town. Both Charley and Maxine are putting dual-standards up and skipping out on their ethics.

So I'm not buying into this argument of special folks being picked out or such. Most folks would have cleaned up their mess quickly and avoided further discussion. The fact that these two didn't seek that method....simply makes me think that they were extra special and were going to be protected by the process.