Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Chinese Version

Since coming back to the US in January...I've come to admire several TV shows that I never saw in Germany. One of those The Office.

I've probably watched around forty episodes and have come to enjoy the management scenarios that they portray with the show. Almost every single one of them are realistic.

The curious thing about the office is that it's an original British series....that was packaged and sold to Germany, the US, Chile, France, Israel, and Canada.

This past week, I came to note from a entertainment site that China is now possibly purchasing the rights to the show.

I sat and pondered over this scene....some Chinese company with an incompetent boss in charge. There's his secretary who's likely running the entire company. There's the various division chiefs who all drive Fords, and privately grumble that it's a gas-guzzler. There's probably a communist party official who visits once a week and gets several "gifts". And there's probably six guys down at the loading dock who are secretly millionaires because they invested in a Pepsi franchise in Vietnam.

I can see this whole script in front of me already. I'm hoping they toss in sub-titles and then run the show off some cable channel.