Monday, 30 August 2010

The New Trend

In Friday's edition of the Wall Street Journal...there's this article and commentary: "We Held Him Behind So He Could Get Ahead". It's an interesting twist on American society.

Folks got used to this 'red-shirt' idea in college. You'd drop back a grade, an entire year, and then extend out to make yourself and your football career look better.

Well....some folks have finally grasped the idea of holding back Johnny Junior in high school....say the 10th grade. You show a fair amount of talent at dad decides at the end of the tenth send you to a private academy for one year....still in the tenth grade, and to repeat it. There's special football or basketball or baseball skills tossed at you while at the academy. Then you come back after a year at the enter the 11th grade at a regular school.

Suddenly, you are showing enormous talent and skill. Major universities are studying you for a scholarship by the end of the 11th grade. They don't care you stepped back a year. By high school graduation....suddenly, you seem to show a great deal of talent.

I read this commentary and just shook my head. You'd drag your kid back a year....just to enhance his football skills? It doesn't make sense.

So, we've basically got commercial football now a behavior episode into the high school level.

My County

My home county made it into the news yesterday...Lauderdale, Bama.

As best as it can be described...the county had ran a health-care facility for decades...going back to the 1920s. This was a full-up hospital and all the locals used it for the lesser important stuff...from broken legs to tonsils being removed. If you had cancer or always ended up going to Nashville (they had the best stuff).

Well...the county has come to realize that there is continuing debt and increasing cost implications from the new universal health care they wanted to dump this hospital from their management and make it a commercially run operation.

The county won't say how close they were to bankruptcy...but it was fairly close. So this deal was worked out to transfer the hospital over.

No one is rightly sure how this will turn out in the end. Prices will rise. Folks will question the use of the hospital but considering the fact that all hospitals are in the same may not matter. A name-change? I'd be guessing that something will occur within two years.

Bottom line? Whatever you imagined for health care in your may have only grasped a quarter of the things which will eventually change and impact your life. It may be for the better, or the worse....but only time will tell.

The Blank Check City

"My administration is going to stand with you -- and fight alongside you -- until the job is done, until New Orleans is all the way back, all the way,"

-- President Obama

It's hard to imagine the statement and the endless task now. It may take another entire decade, maybe even two decades. It may take $1 billion, $5 billion, or even $20 billion.

New Orleans, up until Hurricane Katrina....was a town unlike any other in America. It survived off corruption. The cops, the town council, the mayor, the city departments, and even the education sector....all took money off the plate. They didn't care.

The city's entire purpose in life and industry....was tourism. went to New Orleans to drink excessively and do things that you couldn't normally do in most towns in America.

So now, we owe New Orleans something that other towns would never get....a blank check.

It's funny over all the various hurricanes that came and went in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Those towns and areas basically absorbed the situation and moved on. What you've got is a place that can't absorb anything....most folks just packed up and left....and now there's this blank check syndrome.