Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Man Who Would Be Speaker

Back on Monday....there was a start-up of a negative campaign by the Democrats on Republican representative John Boehner of Ohio. I sat and listened to the first the President. He avoided using Boehner's name. It was a comical point.

Over the past couple of days....the attacks by the national party have multiplied on Boehner.

It's more of a scare tactic because they kinda woke up and realized that once the Republicans win sufficient seats in November within the house.....Boehner is in charge. They've settled on the idea that this would scare folks.

I paused and pondered over this tactic. There's supposed to be ad's coming up this pile on top of this campaign effort. It's the first time that I can ever recall that someone paid for ads that have nothing to do with a campaign topic or an actual candidate.

The problem in doing this, is that it invites a week to survey the situation, and then the Republicans will come out with three or four national ad's that revolve around Nancy Pelosi. Frankly, if you started a negative campaign analysis.....Pelosi is the 500-lb guerrilla in the room. Boehner is just a 350-lb guerrilla.

The brilliance of this tactic? If you want to compare Boehner and Pelosi.....Pelosi scares independent voters more than's a simple fact. The past two years can show dozens of examples. Boehner has issues...but it's nothing like Pelosi.

But then I sat back and pondered over this. This is the best tactic that the President and the national strategy guys could come up with....within 60 days of the election? An anti-Boehner campaign? They can't brag about stimulus, the healthcare bill, the cap and trade efforts, or the war. So they are left with aiming at the man who would be speaker?