Wednesday, 15 September 2010

An Exciting New Logo?

Folks kinda got excited today....there's a new logo for the Democratic Party.

I was sitting there and trying to think why it'd be a big deal to even put some money into this or come out right before the election with something like this.

My guess is that they've got some guys on the payroll, and they suddenly realized that they hadn't done much in six it was time to flash some accomplishment in hopes of staying on after November.

So the obvious question to ask....will the Republicans jump up and redo their logo? My guess is no. Things are moving fast and furious with the Tea Party guys....and you really don't want any discussions over the logo or change coming up within the Republican Party.

As for Larry and Donny, who designed this logo? Well...I think they both might want to start looking around for a pizza logos or minor league baseball team logos. Things might be cooling for a while in the Democratic Party.