Friday, 15 October 2010

Only in America

The Palm Beach Post reports an interesting episode today.

Apparently, some gal, wearing only an open robe (you can sit and imagine this for a moment)....drove up to the gates of Lion County Safari, and then drove through without stopping.  Naturally, you can guess they've got a few lions in the park.

According to her....after they got the vehicle stopped.....she spoke out about terrorists coming to kill the animals.

The guy in charge of the lions....stated that the woman did seem to be unstable, then added:  "She was wearing a robe that wasn't even closed."

The park guys somehow got her cornered and then got her back out to the main gate...hoping the cops would come....but they got there too late.  She took off.

I sat and paused over this story.  To be kinda honest, I've wanted to work at a Safari park my entire life.  I always thought it'd be the place to hang out and just look sharp in a Jungle-Jim safari hat.  But this episode makes me desire the job even more.  Imagine....standing there....and some gal in a open robe drives up.  Yep, you don't have things like that happen at the Pentagon or in Bama like that.

Tonight....somewhere in Florida....there's some gal all worried (probably out of meds too) over terrorists coming to the local safari park.  I'm guessing one of her kids probably told her some story....which got her all confused, and then set off this strange event.  It could only happen in America.