Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Latino Shift?

It came with no fanfare yesterday....Fox News Latino, the web site. is only a web site, at least for right now.  My guess is that Fox News will expand this by spring of next year and launch it's own newscast in Spanish.

The implications?  For decades, it's been a fact that most Latino votes are destined for the Democratic Party.  The best guess is that seven out of ten Latino votes go Democrat.  It's a strong and healthy part of the projection of the Democratic Party.  Candidates make a couple of speeches and always sponsor a couple of bills to show their interest.

My suspicion is that a dedicated Fox News channel....would lead to a shift.  By 2012?  Maybe five out of ten Latino votes would move to the Republican side.  That's not a big shift, I will admit.  But it starts to limit the effect of a guaranteed stance by one particular society in America.  In effect, it integrates them into choices and the ability to draw conclusions from true or false reporting.

I suspect 2011 will be a very interesting year.

Count Again

For about the last nine months, I've been on this Mayan 2012 calendar episode.  I had some belief in concept that bad things might actually happen by the end of 2012.

Today, this comical bit of news came out that the Mayan calendar had to be interpreted using something other than absolute fact.  Some smart guys sat down and claimed they understood the method of Mayan counting in twenties.  Don't ask why, just accept the fact that Mayans were really into twenty (my guess is that they counted their fingers and toes).

So there's this suggestion that the dreadful threat of 2012....probably isn't accurate.  In fact, there is even a suggestion that the end of the calendar....may have already occurred....thus meaning the end of the world has come and passed already.

These kind of stories usually ruin a good legend.  I already had to classify Bigfoot and Nessie as bogus.  It'd be a hard thing for me to accept another bogus legend.

Pentagon News Again

Whilst it won't be spoken much about in the news today....the Pentagon had another shooting.  The best we can say is that some guy, with a high-powered rifle, from the southside direction, fired five shots around 4:45AM this morning.  He hit a window and the side of the building.  Cops locked down the building and parking lot....but no indications of anything.  The thinking is that it came from the interstate....although we've got a dozen buildings close enough that some guy could have shot from the roof or one of the windows.

It's an odd time.  Most of the thugs from DC would already be home by 2AM.  You rarely get shootings after 2AM in DC.  And these shootings always involve a pistol or machine gun.  Conventional wisdom says that a high-powered rifle involves some nut-case or disgruntled military guy.

The curious thing is that the Pentagon cops are always proactive, so I'm suspecting a wall of some type placed up around the interstate to forbid a view.