Monday, 8 November 2010

Joe Manchin, Republican?

Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia won last Tuesday.  Most folks thought that things were kinda settled...until this afternoon.

The Republicans came calling to Joe.  They've offered him an actual head chair on an important committee, if he'd switch to the Republicans.  Right now....they are in the minority with 47 Republicans in the Senate.  Then they kinda mentioned that Joe Lieberman (independent) and Ben Nelson (Democrat of Nebraska) are also being courted.  It's an interesting deal.

Since you won't get much of a explaination on CNN or MSNBC....let me explain how this works.  Joe got elected to fill out the rest of Byrd's term (until 2012) he has to run again in 2012.

Joe didn't exactly win in a huge was a fair amount, but you can imagine that Joe would prefer not to have to worry much or spend much in 2012.  Joe also had to act like a Republican in the election, and convince folks that he was mostly leaning to the right.

As a junior senator for the Democrats.....Joe wouldn't get offered any chair this offer from the Republicans is interesting.

So let's imagine Joe, Joe and Ben all Republicans, and sitting in a 50-50 Senate.  Every time an important vote came up.....VP Joe Biden would come from the White House to cast the 101st vote to settle the affair.

This 101st vote would be a serious issue to explain in 2012 as the President says that he tried to work with the Republicans, but it was actually the White House voting in every single serious moment.....against the Republicans.  The news media folks would have problems trying to explain every case where Joe Biden voted  down a Republican-effort in the house.  It'd all lead back to a White House vote in the Senate on every single occasion.

Yes, it is a pretty extreme bit of planning.  Will Joe take it?  I don't know.   Will Joe Lieberman accept his deal? Will Ben Nelson accept his deal?  Hard to say.  It could all come back to some comical moment where Joe Biden arrives in the Senate and then announces that he can't negotiate with anyone....and just cast a vote.

My Sunday Viewing

I sat this weekend and watched two political chat shows....who both got newly elected Repbulicans on the air and did their big intense interrogation over how to cut the budget.  In both cases....the media news wannabe tried his best to get absolute and precise areas where cuts in the budget to be made.  In both cases....the Republicans were able to put just enough on the draw the "you won't cut entitlements, will you-scare".

I sat there and started laughing in each case.  It was extremely bad Potsie on Happy Days or the Undertaker with WWE wrestling.  The news media dimwit looked like some 15-year old kid acting angry over how anyone could possibly cut the entitlements that every single American is entitled to.

About six months ago, I was watching a news documentary where 'dad' lost his $65k a year job, and he was barely going to pull in $900 a month on unemployment compensation.  'Mom' still had her $40k a year job as a clerk.  So the family held a meeting.  The families third car for the teenagers was put into the garage because there wasn't enough gas to run it.  Various cuts in the budget were made with each member of the five-member family voting on the necessary cuts.  By the end....they were paying for the necessary bills and surviving.  Had this been a bunch of congressmen....they would have pulled out a credit card and simply charged every single requirement on it, and kept going until the card was maxed out.  Eventually, bankruptcy would follow the congressmen.

I'm just about to the point on Sundays now to switch over to the Cartoon Network and give up on the political chat shows.