Monday, 15 November 2010

Observations of North Carolina

I spent four days on the road during the holiday weekend....driving down to Kitty Hawk and then transiting across the state of North Carolina to Bama.  I have five observations of North Carolina....of which I hadn't ever been to the state before and came back with a different view of.

First, I used to think Bama was the king of roadkill.  I'd like to replace that notion because I am squarely convinced that North Carolina has way more roadkill, even fresh roadkill....over Bama.  You can't drive more than a 1,000 feet in North Carolina this time of year without noticing this situation.

Second, any town in North Carolina that has a gas station and a post office....has a Dollar General store.  I knew the franchise was growing, but as you leave Kitty Hawk and travel across the really start to notice these in every single town.

Third, if you've never been to Kitty really need to go.  There's a significant story with the Wright brothers and it's a fascinating area.  To kinda lay out the proper story....the Wright boys needed to experiment with their "toy" and this post office guy from Kitty Hawk sent off a letter detailing how there was an enormous amount of wind in the local area which he reckoned they'd need for lift.  The boys thought about the remote nature of the local area, and I suspect they wanted a place you could make some mistakes and it wouldn't be noticed by the Kitty Hawk made perfect sense.

Fourth, you really can't find a harsh or difficult person from North Carolina.  Everywhere I stopped....I was impressed with southern hospitality.  In fact, it made me wonder why so many folks just don't move there.

Fifth and final.  If you should have the proper time...say way more than a day or two....then take the leisurely drive from Kitty Hawk to the Smokies.....and I think you'd be overwhelmed with the vast nature of the state.

A Bama Story

I finished my four-day expedition. There are several blogs I can write but this one was the one that bothered a bit.

Drug usage in the old Bama homeland has gone into turbo. Back in the last year or two....just a mile or two from my dad's farm....there were three young gentlemen (all in the 17-year old range). They decided on some morning to get a can of gas and go out to huff on it for a while....walking a far piece into the woods.

To be honest....this was a pretty deep and far-reaching woods.

So they huffed on the gas and passed out. When they came to....they huffed some more. Eventually day one ended and they remained there in the woods....mostly passed out or going for the next round.

By day two....relatives got worried and got the lone-ranger cop (the guy that the town was to eventually fire) to hunt for them. The boys continued coming to....huffing, and passing out again.

The search continued on into day three....when someone finally found the boys and took away their gas can. When they came to....they were then led out of the woods.

I would imagine that all three will likely be dead of something by their late twenties. On the positive least Obama-care will be in effect by then and help with their pain (and cost) as their bodies finally give out.

It's a sad woeful tale....which I would have never imagined in the heartland ten years ago. Things have changed...sadly. And I don't think they will ever get much better.