Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Off in Trinidad & Tobago

This is what we know.

At a Trinidad and Tobago high school....a bunch of female students....mostly all high school into a very mysterious situation....falling onto the ground....rolling around....then blabbering for a while in some strange and distant language (unknown to the T & T crowd).

Naturally, things like this don't happen in Trinidad and Tobago.  Folks say this all started when the young ladies came up and complained of nausea and headaches.

At the peak of this mess....while up on the second floor....two of the young ladies then tried to toss themselves off the rail and some folks had to grab ahold of them to prevent an of stupidity.

At this point....teachers grabbed ahold of the ladies and dragged them to some central hall area....where a couple launched into some semi-conscious situation.  One of the young gentlemen observing all of this then told reporters later that the girls were damn strong and had some bruises appearing on them.  One guy then reported he had communicated with the "devil" in one girl.  He asked the "devil" what he wanted of the girls and the response from the girl in a "devil-voice" was that he wanted to send the girls to the toilet and just leave them alone.

Course, as you'd expect....Catholic priests then got called and dragged out every ounce of holy water that they had and tossed as much on the girls...then tossed in a bunch of prayers in Latin which nobody really understood but they were satisfied.  Adding to this mess of course....folks now say that the school was built on top of a old burial site, although almost all of the neighbors around the school don't know nothing about it being a grave site.

I sat and paused over this.  We don't have this kinda thing in Bama much.  The fact that it involved mostly all young ladies also kinda made you question if they didn't all have that "time-of-the-month" thing going on and a bunch of guys just interpreted this "devil" thing in the wrong fashion, and the reason for the toilet might have been more obvious if they had asked the right question.

The odds of seventeen ladies all having that "time-of-the-month" thing at the same time? Well, statistically....that is a problem here.  I'm sure some engineer somewhere could crack the code on this and give a 44-page page on the odds of this happening.

I'm guessing this has freaked out the school management folks and maybe the union teachers a bit.  I'm guessing that some of the guys will be intimidated by the "devil" girls for a while....and then eventually ask one of them out and discover that things are ok except around that "time-of-the-month" period. All in all....if you did live on some small Caribbean Island and didn't have any excitement....this might have been a pretty interesting day.

The Woes of Mr. Rangel

For several months, I've watched the Representative Charles Rangel episode play out.

The screw-ups of Charles?  The three that stand out are: (1) Charley simply didn't declare $239,000 to $831,000 in assets on his disclosure forms as you walk in each year and pretend to be a congressman, (2) he continued to play out this game of raising money for a private center named after himself in New York City (even using his own letterhead from congress to accomplish this) which invited folks to donate and get favors via his actions in congress, and (3) he owned a property outside the US (in the Dominican Republic) which he rented out but never reported this income or the property to IRS.

The amusing thing is that Charles was head on the Ways and Means Committee.  This is the group of financially smart folks who write down the secret code on how to spend money via congress and the US government.

He went over and begged them as they proceeded into this ethics business that he just didn't want this to happen before the election.  The Democrats on the ethics board agreed and forced the issue. So Charles was saved....but this came right back up and Charles said it wasn't the right time because he didn't have any lawyer support (he couldn't afford them anymore but he didn't want to admit that).  As he stood there in his $1k suit (I noted this and kinda laughed how sharp he looked when he admitted he was so broke), I felt he'd been in Congress long enough.  But the ethics board won't dismiss him.  That's the sad part.

He's not really ashamed of anything.  The folks in his district aren't ashamed.  They'd vote him right back in tomorrow.

I'm guessing the Republicans are already drawing up the 2012 election platform and will use his picture and charges as part of the effort to bring down the Democrats yet again.

After a while, you'd have to realize that this guy really isn't that sharp or he'd realize the impact of each one of these actions.  He's like some dimwit who tries to talk relatives out of a $1k loan to pay off some preacher for some funeral for a friend.....but never pays you back.

I'm guessing we are bound to get another two years of Charles....and will laugh over his continued trips to various resorts which end up getting paid by some fancy-pants guy out of New York City.  We'll hear about his new $1k suits looking sharp on ABC News.  We might even hear about him getting a new car with a heavily discounted dealer.  And Charles will just smile and let you know that he's really that stupid and doesn't care about how big a idiot he is.

No Sleeping, Please

Things in Roselle Park, New Jersey have taken an interesting turn.  They've come up and agreed that the homeless situation is finally starting to make folks a bit hostile.  So they've devised this rule that says you can't sleep in public.  If the cops find you sleeping anywhere in the public sector, except your house, your RV, and I would assume your vehicle....then they can fine you.

I sat and pondered over this.

Most folks are now tiring of this homeless situation in major cities.  I can spend an afternoon walking around DC and find sixty to one hundred folks camped out along Pennsylvania Avenue.  They hide out behind the bushes or just lay out on the grass.  The cops do virtually nothing.

Back in July, I walked around a dozen federal buildings in the District and was shocked over the camped out nature of the homeless crowd.  I suspect that the political folks in the District would like to dump these folks but fear the media frenzy that would occur if they showed any muscle.  The media tends to want people to help the homeless but there's never an endpoint.

I suspect this Jersey town will have legal cases pop up and folks will say it's ok to just sit why is that different from sleeping?  Folks might wonder why a bunch of stupid laws got drafted after the Civil War that kinda fall into this same category, and it's because society got tired of accepting a mess.

So if you are driving up via Jersey and happen to be sitting there one afternoon....tired from shopping and just laying back on the bench....don't nod off or you might end up in jail.