Friday, 19 November 2010

Just Numbers

A report today by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that one in five Americans....45 million folks....have a mental illness of some type, and around 11 million of those folks has a serious mental illness (pretty much on the borderline of being nuts by Bama standards).

There are alot of ways of looking at this.

It means that in three Americans who voted in 2008's Presidential election for McCain or Obama....were likely mentally ill when they voted.

It means that the combined population of Mississippi, Bama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee are likely mentally ill when compared against the rest of the nation.

It means that on any given day you walk into least twenty percent of the folks there....are mentally ill.

It means that of the three dozen folks you see on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC from 5PM to midnight....that at least six of them are likely mentality ill (statistically anyway).

It means as you sit at the bar stool tonight at the state least eight folks in the building are mentality ill.

It means as you walk into church on least twelve folks are mentality ill.

It means as you visit Aunt Lucy, Uncle Karl, and meet up with all the folks at the family reunion....that three of them are potentially mentality ill.

It means on Sunday as you watch Auburn play some loser of a least four players on the field are likely to be mentality ill.

It means in the Senate, that twenty of the boys are potentially mentality ill, and likely vote in a manner that makes them appear to be Democrats when they are really Republicans.

The positive side of these numbers?  By 2013, we've got ObamaCare, and all of these folks can have free mental health treatment, until they refuse the drugs....and then they lapse into some fit where they want to show you their new machete.