Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Lost Secret

One of the great things about WikiLeaks is that we've learned that shows like Desperate actively viewed by Saudis.  Saudi citizens...both men and women apparently....really get into the show and the stories it provides.

I've watched around forty episodes of Desperate Housewives and find it to be mostly a hyped-up soap opera where murders occur and women entice men to do stupid things (men entice women probably just as much), and life just revolves around a simple neighborhood in America.

If I were a Saudi Mullah, I'd start to go into a fit over learning this.  Naturally, Saudi Mullahs never watch such shows and mostly sit around to debate what Muhammad would have done in this case or that case with their evening hours (kinda like debating what Superman would have done in a different case than Batman's plan).  You'd have to be worried over this American influence.

Naturally, if I were a CIA guy....I'd be thinking of various ways to bring Baywatch to the Saudis as my next step in making them wussies like us.  It'd help if they could bring the "Hoff" over and just him meet folks.  Maybe just start a backyard BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) party with the Hoff in attendance.

The problem is that the Wiki guys got this secret out now.  Our one advantage in countering the radical Muslims may have been lost.

Our Houston Problem

Redistricting is an art and science....if you didn't know.  When folks have been hired to do the statisics and they can show an unusually drawn line around four counties....comprising 2 percent of one county, 44 percent of another, 16 percent of another, and finally 80 percent of the fourth county...can equal a 55 percent vote for the Republicans....or the have to be impressed.

When they can sit and do the same numbers and say that a Latino voter is likely to carry 55 percent of the vote because of the population in the numbers have to be impressed.

When they can say that a over-60 dimwitted ex-car deal can carry 55 percent of the vote because of the population in the numbers have to be impressed.

So today, Mayor Annise Parker of Houston had a question thrown at her during a press conference in Houston.

There's this rumor in Houston that some smart guys have the numbers and they are carving up a new district in Houston....which will cater to a heavily gay population in that have to be impressed.

The mayor....who happens to be a lesbian, was a bit disturbed that this question from the press came up, and she said "enough" after just a couple of questions, and then left the room.

I sat and pondered over the numbers.  How would you scientifically gather enough data to say that a gay population exists when carved out of a city?  Could you pick twelve city blocks and feel confident that such a population existed there?  How would you even ask the questions to get a poll that you could trust?  Would you just walk up to the arts district and assume a quarter of the folks who live in that part of town are simply gay?

Some parts of this story don't make alot of sense.  If true, then why don't the bondage guys get together and demand their city council representation?  Why not the drunk rednecks of south Houston asking for special representation?  Why not the Catholic Latinos wanting to get their own representation?  At some point, you really need to back off this concept of special districts.  Life is difficult as it is, and you are simply compounding the problem.

The NFL Story

We have this football player that plays for the Washington Redskins....Albert Haynesworth.  The guy signed up for roughly $114 million....if everything went correct for a seven-year period.  Things went ok for the first year, but this year....because of a new coach and various problems....they finally decided that Albert's attitude problem was sufficient to suspend him for the rest of this year and they are probably looking for a reason to terminate the remainder of his contract.  The chance of getting a $14 million a year deal with another team for next year?  Less than twenty percent.  

I don't normally care about football, but the business side of this and the lack of determination to fulfill a contract is a curiosity for me.

If you offered me $14 million a year to play football....I'd show up practice and even shave my head if you asked.

If you wanted me to wear 3-piece suits throughout the week to impress people as part of the $14 million a year contract...I'd do it.

If you asked me to ride a bus from Atlanta to Phoenix for the game on Sunday....I'd do it.

If you asked me to eat a strict diet and drink only water throughout the season....I'd do it.

If you asked me to avoid booze for the whole seven-year period....I'd do it.

If you asked me to sleep in a camper out back of the stadium for the whole season....I'd do it.

For most wouldn't take much for us to cooperate and fulfill a major contract with a NFL team.  So it's hard to imagine how this guy finds 99 reasons to have an attitude.  In three years....he'll likely be standing there....finished already with the NFL, and 90 percent of all the money he ever made....gone.  Then he'll ask himself why he did so many stupid things.