Thursday, 23 December 2010

From My Region: Rooftop Bars

We have this unusual thing in the DC region...rooftop bars.  I admit there's not hundreds of them....but probably more in line with dozens.

Some are designed for rich and crusty folks.  Some are just for regular folks and college kids.

Being from Bama, I kinda shake my head over this.  We would worry a bit that Barney or Karl would have six to eight beers....then want to peer over the side, and then get dizzy.  Naturally, there'd be this fall and you'd have to explain to Karl's wife what he was doing up on top of some roof while drunk. It's not like falling off the back of a know.

The other problem that a guy from Bama would that folks tend to drink a bit, and then want to throw up (especially after eating some fancy shrimp plate or taco salad).  So they'd lean over your fancy building side and just chuck it down below....on some poor lady from Missouri who was there in DC to see some monuments.  It'd kind of spoil her evening....if you know what I mean.

The final problem that I'd see is simply temperature adjustment.  I kinda like patio situations where the temperature is forty-five degrees.  But if I were on top of a building with a fair wind in November....and the wind chill was around 30 degrees....this wouldn't be much of a thrill.  So I kinda doubt that business runs much with these outdoor sittings after mid-November.

A German Story

This is a German soap opera story of sorts....over my old neighbors (in a German town that shall be unnamed).  The couple are around 50 years old each.  They have a seventeen year old son.  The guy is a cop (actually a detective), and the wife went back to work two years ago after staying at home for fifteen years.  They are vegetarians.....which does figure into this story. 

Two months ago...."Huns" comes into the house and packs up a suitcase....then tells "Sissi" that things just aren't the same, and he's met this 35-year old hot lusty gal in town.  He leaves.  Bluntly.  Coldly.  Done.

Sissi goes into the dumps.  Depressed over Huns leaving, she's really lost her focus in life.

Huns won't talk to her at all.....just calling the seventeen year old son on the cellphone or sending e-mails to him.  The kid is the middle guy on this.

The wife has an income that barely would bring home $1200 a month after taxes.  Based on German divorce law....she'd get half the house but they still owe a fair portion on the house, so it'd be best to sell it.  The money that Huns has?  It might add up to $20k maximum.  So there's no real asset to grab onto and in a divorce.....Sissi would have to really think hard about life ahead.

Two days ago....Sissi suddenly gets this comment from the son that Huns would be willing to come back....if she would never bring up this event....ever.  Yes, it could not be discussed....ever again.  So Sissi is actually contemplating letting poor Huns come back to the house, under this circumstance.

Naturally, I don't think Huns has told his new girlfriend this deal....he's been staying at her house, eating her cookies, and enjoying the vacation of the past two months.  The girlfriend probably thinks that Huns is pretty serious on her, but frankly....she probably doesn't cook the things that he enjoys and she probably demands that he helps clean the house, which Huns would never normally participate in.

If Sissi does finally come to say "no".....Huns is screwed, in my honest opinion.  He'll have to accept this girlfriend's hospitality, lust, sex, and demands that he help around the house.  He might actually have to do things that he never did in his twenty years of marriage....just to have the hot lusty babe.  It's hard to say how this event will finally wrap up.

Oh, and the vegetarian angle?   Well....Sissi had been on this diet for over twenty years.  She'd always been a BBW-sized gal (don't ask me how it's possible eating only fruits and vegetables but she did it).  About eighteen months most vegetarians experience it eventually.....the body changes....and it starts to demand meat of some type.  Sissi didn't realize it and lost almost fifty pounds.  The doctors eventually talked her into accepting fish and she's ok now.  Sissi around a 125-lb frame and with flaming red hair.....she is fairly attractive and could probably pick up on another guy easily....if she were to realize the situation.

 Just a twist on what would be a normal trailer-park story in Bama.