Saturday, 26 February 2011

From Where I Grew Up

They held a meeting this week at the school where I grew up and spent nine of my twelve years.  Basically, they've (the county board) has come to admit that declining numbers are driving the board to consider making this a elementary school only....dropping the seventh through ninth grade.

I read through the local article.  They have 172 kids in the school....seventy less than in 2002.  The board can't keep the high school open in this case and wants the locals to ship the kids off to one of two other schools in the region.

It's the same case that folks are talking about in various parts of the US....the money isn't there and you need to do thing smarter to make this all function.

The curious about this small town school is that it's existed since the early 1920s.  The main building is traditional brick and was a major part of this town's existence.

I have positives and negatives about attending this school.  It was a small atmosphere....barely twenty-four kids in my class.  From the first grade to the ninth grade....there's only four or five kids that appeared or disappeared from the class.  The teachers?  Half were lousy....half were brilliant.  The lunchroom used to serve a stew once a week which was five-star and I could have easily done seconds and thirds.  The heating was geared to the either was maxed out at 100 degrees in the class or it was sixty degrees and barely functioning.

One could bring up the small town Christian community and how the school fitted around that standard.  You didn't have crime or much in the way of weird stuff.

My guess is that the school will change into an elementary school....and within four years...shut down completely.  The board will put the school up eventually for auction after that.   What stood for ninety-plus years....will likely come to an eventual end.