Sunday, 27 February 2011

Charging up to 2012?

Typically, the year after a minor nation-wide vote and before the nation-wide Presidential a pretty low and boring year.  We weren't supposed to be locked into mortal political combat until October when folks started to show up in South Carolina and start a movement on the primary season coming up shortly.

There is currently a mess going on in Wisconsin...with fourteen Democratic state senators sitting out in Illinois and the union standing there in Madison with a fierce hour-by-hour opera going simply charging up the voting public.  Toss in the fact that a recall effort is apparently going forward on a couple members of the fourteen.  And I'm guessing that the pro-union folks will do a recall effort on Governor Scott Walker.

Helpful for the normal citizen who complains about taxes and is tired of political 'battles'?  No.

The recall rules in Wisconsin are fairly tough and it's hard to imagine one of the fourteen being recalled....let alone five or six.  As for the governor....if they went into an election....with millions spent by outsiders....unions might be shocked in the end to see Governor Walker win, and an enormous amount of union money spent on a lost cause.  And this only adds debate to wasted funds a year before the Presidential election.

The small-town guy who might waste four hours a week watching charged-up news coverage....probably doesn't care for this debate except for fact that he doesn't want increased taxes.  If the union members can survive with no increased costs....everyone would just let the mess keep going at the same level it is today.  I kinda doubt thats possible though.

It's almost like watching a couple of die-hard wrestling guys go at each other on TV.....and build up some big fight over at the state capital arena....which you can attend.....for $79.  You run down....get all pumped up watching Cowboy Steve whoop up on Texas Karl....while some guy in a fancy cape runs around the audience pretending to the manager of Texas Karl and he's acting all crazy.  As the match stop off....have four beers at Toby's Grab-and-Go....and chat with everyone for a week or so about how realistic everything looked.  Then you finally come down off this 'high' and admit it was mostly all fake.

I think by the summer of 2012....most folks will consider the Presidential election to be mostly all fake, and start pointing out the various guys running around in fancy capes and pretending to be something they just aren't.