Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Short Commentary Over the NFL Strike

Up until the 2010 season....I really wasn't much of a NFL viewer.  For some odd reason....being back in the US....I suddenly caught onto both the NFL and NCAA games.  I probably watched thirty NFL games over this past season.

I have watched with interest this discussion with the NFL strike and it appears now that we will proceed into this....with curious consequences for a bunch of folks.

NFL players are famous for getting a pretty hefty salary but then spending about half of what they make each year on things with no return (lifestyle, attorney fees to fix your legal problems, court costs because you beat up some guy at a bar, and ex-wives).

You could be some guy who has played for the Chargers for six consecutive years and you've got maybe $300k in the bank to show for it.  The problem is that you bought a $3 million-dollar house and owe $12k a month on bank payments.  Toss in the five cars that you own and the $6k a a month that you make on payments for these, and the houseboat that you bought last year that you owe $3k a month until you pay this thing off in two years.

The owners aren't much better because some went out and built fancy stadiums and owe $8 million a month to the bank.

The agents are the only ones in the great position because they were smart enough to hire accountants and buy rental properties which pay them $1 million a month with payments coming in.

If the strike lasts through the whole year?  I'd imagine that a bunch of guys will be bankrupt and facing huge recovery problems.  The big millionaire players?  They have issues because they started charity foundations to hide some of their income and they can't slack off on these.

The bottom line is that around one hundred NFL players are wannabe stars that will never deliver, but some idiot agent and idiot owner cooked up some four-year deal for $20 or $30 million.  They have screwed up basic principals of management and cost the team a real opportunity to get ahead.  In short, just like Joe who only makes $60k a year and bought that $400k house with a $40k down payment.....the owners, the players, and the agents have all acted just as stupidly as the homeowners who are losing their homes currently.

The Perfect Place?

There are some folks today talking about the luck of living away from a coastline....away from hurricane areas....and even away from flood areas.  I found this one commentary from an online site (Ianlou is the online name), and it's highly appropriate for folks thinking about the perfect place to live.

I Love Michigan,
We Don't Have:
Earth Quakes
Tidal Waves
Forest Fires
Mud Slides
100 Degree Heat
Many Tornadoes
Alligators or Crocodiles
Poisonous Snakes
Poisonous Lizards
Giant Cockroaches
Our most dangerous critter is the Mosquito

The Dividing of a Nation

Up in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin this week....folks had been busy working on the Saint Patrick's parade, but things start unraveling by the end of the week.  The current projection is that the original group of fifty entries in the parade....are down to two.

The Fond du Lac cops now say that the tension brewed up in Madison....are turning the locals into threats and counter-threats.

Things have gotten bad enough that the cops stood up and told the State Senator from the district not to come to the parade....that he might be the target of some action.  So State Senator Randy Hopper and State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt won't be marching in the parade.....and I doubt if even half of the folks who had it on their schedule will show up.

State Senator Hopper then commented: "I, in no way, want to put the citizens of Fond du Lac in harms way."

Needless to say....another part of this story is that a recall effort against Hopper is underway.  They need twenty-five percent of the folks who voted in the last election (who are registered voters, from that district.....and you ought to be a US citizen in case some guy comes up to check on you).

You can imagine yourself sitting in a church and knowing twenty people from the church are union enthusiasts and dedicated Democrats.  A simple coffee and cake moment after church becomes this awkward meeting where you have to avoid twenty discussion topics.

You can imagine yourself at the barbershop, and suddenly finding out that the one and only barber in the shop is a Republican....and you are a union activist.  You've been using this barber for thirty years....and get up and say "Damn you" and walk out to never return again (getting only the hairs on the left side cut evenly and being a person of curiosity for the next couple of days).  

You can imagine yourself at a Parent-Teachers meeting and finding that thirty-six of the forty-two teachers in your local school are hardcore union you finally stand up and remove both your kids from the school and put them into local Catholic private a cost of $6k a year for each.  The teachers stand there and can't understand why they had 24 students in their room one month....and the next, they only have 16.  Course, the county board is counting numbers and starting to think about teacher cuts....which scares the crap out of the union activist teachers.  The union hustles up a bunch of illegal alien kids and get the numbers back to the right position, but everyone is curious why the school is so screwed up the next school year.

You can imagine yourself as a clerk of the local Piggly Wiggly and standing there....listening to two union enthusiasts who are openly making a threat about some local guy.  They are discussing cutting his tires.....setting fire to his garbage can.....or calling his wife and telling her that he drove off into a river.  You'd like to call the cops and report them....but you know that the cops are all union enthusiasts as well.  No one is seriously depending on the you would think.

So in essence.....we have divided one state....ever so carefully.  There are forty-nine to go.  If you ever wondered how a bunch of idiots got all peppy in 1860 and talked themselves into fighting one another, you might want to stand back and think about our current situation.