Monday, 21 March 2011

Just Some Observations

First....Newsweek decided to conduct a test of American government....across the public.  The results?  Thirty-eight percent failed.  I sat and took the test myself....and I had trouble with two questions out of the thirty-five.  Their comments about this high note of failure?  We simply aren't smart enough to govern ourselves or manage our votes.  I sat there for a few minutes contemplating their analysis.  A moment of pondering occurred.  It's a funny thing.  They told you what their test group of Americans made on the test, but not what the Newsweek crew made.  They didn't want to admit their writers and editors....might be just as stupid as the typical American.

Second....some folks woke up today and accused President Obama of war crimes.  They were basically backed into the corner because of the way they had pointed fingers at Bush after invading Afghanistan and the American invasion of Libya deserved the war crimes accusation.  I sat for a while and laughed over this commentary.  I imagine that George Bush (the junior) is sitting there and mostly grinning now.  Any country that wanted to toss up war crimes charges on GW.....has to include President Obama, and that really screws up things for the media to explain to the public.

Third....some idiot executive from CBS hinted that he wants Charlie Sheen back at Two and a Half Men.  I can't imagine why.  You'd have to sit and wonder every single day if he was on his bi-polar meds or off.  And your back-up plan if he failed to take meds?  Yeah, like I said....some idiot at CBS.  These are the same guys that terminated in one year.....the Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, Green Acres, and Mayberry RFD....when they were all in the top twelve shows on the air.

Fourth....the government admitted that housing sales in February are the lowest in ten years.  The experts then proclaimed that if things didn't shift around in six months....then recovery simply wasn't going to happen.  Kinda curious....the cheapest prices in a generation.....and you still can't entice a guy to buy a house.

Fifth....Sammy Hagar, a former lead singer for Van Halen....spoke out today and said that he'd been taken by aliens and probed. least he thinks he was.  The chances of Sammy having been taken by aliens?  Well....if you had a choice between taking someone from Crosby, Stills, & Nash....or Heart.....or Van Halen....then I'd always pick Van Halen.  And Sammy would be the best guy to check out for Earthling folks who might be a bit doped up.

Sixth.....Knut, the German polar bear is dead.  If you were into international celebrities....this was the polar bear cub whose mom dumped a zoo-keeper stepped in and spent twenty-four hours a day with Knut for about six months.  They had to order the zoo-keeper then to stop the watching business and just turned Knut loose with the regular bears.  He was a star....of sorts.  So three years passed, and Knut had some seizure over the weekend, and just propped down dead in the polar bear zoo waters.  Cause?  No one is for sure.  My guess?  I think he was poisoned and killed by anti-polar bear enthusiasts.  Eventually, it'll be proven....and then a couple of Germans will write a script for the Sunday night Tatort (cop-murder show) series.

Seventh....North Korea came out yesterday and spoke to its use their pets as an early-warning system for earthquakes.  This was in response to the Japan problem of predicting when to run for the hills.  The curious thing about one in North Korea has enough food to feed their own family, so the mere idea of acquiring a pet makes you wonder how they'd feed to the pet and keep them alive, while awaiting the earthquake.

Eighth.....AT&T bought the US side of T-Mobile.  Thirty-nine billion was spent.  I spent twenty minutes today....reading through business journals to figure out how you'd ever get the thirty-nine billion back.  The simple truth?  This is not a more or less paid your thirty-nine billion to squash a competitor.  Was it worth it? still have Verizon to compete against, and I'm betting AT&T really never understood this T-Mobile deal.

Ninth....the US wants to charge $5.50 for all foreigners entering the US.  It's kind of a fee for the Homeland Security crowd.  This means....if you were a Mexican coming across the border to work today in Tucson and return home had to cough up $5.50 for gringo guy before he allowed you to enter.  Naturally, some folks are visibly upset by this and wants Americans charged the same amount as they enter Mexico or Canada.  Most everyone in the US government is trying to figure out ways to charge fees....and get away with it.   Eventually, if the IRS wants to audit you....they will request you come over to the office and pay them $100 for the privilege of being audited that afternoon.

It is a fascinating world that we live in.

Perceptions Change

I always had this image in my mind of Wall Street being a big hustle and bustle kind of street....with the fancy bankers walking up and down the street.

After my trip last year to New York....I came to realize that it's more of a pedestrian walk-way and not that much of a fancy nature.

Lots of tourists?  Yeah....everyone who comes to NY City....wants to see the world renown street.  Then after you stand there for thirty really start to downsize your view of the street.  It's not quiet the "giant" that you thought.