Monday, 4 April 2011

Breakfast Beer?

It's not something that you'd ever consider or think about....a breakfast beer.  This week...there is a brewery in New Zealand which will launch what they term a "breakfast beer".  It's a cherry-flavored beer with 5.5 percent alcohol.  The advertisements center on the term "breakfast beer" and this has distressed a number of fine outstanding folks.

I stopped and pondered over this.  Naturally, in Bama....there really isn't a tendency to get up....fry some eggs and bacon....dab a bit of jam over a biscuit....and top it off with a breakfast beer.  We are awful dedicated to either orange juice or coffee.  It's hard enough to convince some guy to try pineapple juice or some fancy tomato-flavor drink as part of the breakfast....but to suggest a beer with your bacon?

It'd be a hard sell.  First, there's the local Baptist church folks who would get all peppy if they found out you were doing breakfast beer.  Then you've got relatives who would get all excited....and probably want to visit your house and have breakfast with you....hoping you'd offer some breakfast beer to your guests.  Then you got a guy or two from work who would want to stop by and drop down some greasy bacon and gulp a breakfast beer down fast.

What if this did take off?  Would we add some vodka and orange juice drink next?  Maybe toss down a rum and prune juice perhaps for Friday mornings?

I don't want to dash your hopes on this....but breakfast beer just isn't going to be a big least in my mind.  Heck, it might even invite folks to talk with Dunkin Donuts to add a Jack Daniel's-creme flavored donut....and our tiny world would collapse on news of something like that.

Not The Way to Go

There is a difference between a German tour bus and an American tour bus.  The most obvious the location of the bathroom.  On a German bus...about midway through the bus on the right side...there are three steps down and this built-up area which serves as a rest-room.  I admit, it's about as big as a refrigerator and a tall or big guy would have a problem getting his pants down and then sitting....but the German concept is built on safety.

The American bus?  Well....your rest-room is at the far back of the bus and has a window unit which is right there as part of the rest-room area....something that the German bus obviously does not have.  But then, you can't fall out.

This weekend....up in the Boston area....there were these two guys up at the end of the bus....and both were apparently in the bus rest-room.  We aren't sure what they were both doing in this tiny cubicle....but that doesn't matter.

From what the cops can figure out....around 10:30 that evening....the police arrived to find two guys lying in the road.  They believe that both fell out of the bus rest-room window.  One guy is dead....the other is still in critical condition (he might make it).

The curious thing about this entire story? was returning from the Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.  So you can imagine that both guys were fairly drunk and maybe both were trying to puke in the rest-room.....and one of them leaned too much on the window, and then they both fell out.'d like to believe that was the story.

The sad thing that one guy is dead and will have a funeral this week.  A bunch of guys will show up and remember their the guy who got all drunk and fell out of a bus window onto a road.  It's probably not the way that you'd like to be remembered.