Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Circus Versus Circus

This is a sad woeful tale.  For those who've never been to Germany....throughout the year....there's these bands of small mini-circuses that travel around the country.  It's what folks in the US used to see in the 1930s and 1940s.  You had a tent big enough for four hundred folks.  There's a 90-minute act of sorts, with twenty-odd performers.  There's at least one elephant in the act....a couple of horses....a clown or two....some gal in hot lusty tights....and always some knife-throwing going on.

They charge just enough to keep the circus going on but they aren't exactly becoming millionaires at this act.  What drives them?  I suspect folks just like the act of driving around the country and just performing.

So this tale kinda unfolds this week.  In the past week in Germany.....out near Regansburg, which is deep into the southern part of Germany....two of these circus "clans" meet up in the same town at the same time.  It's a rare thing that this would ever happen....where two pick the same town for the same weekend.

There is this unwritten rule that things like this shouldn't happen because you are taking away business from one of the circus groups.

Naturally, there came a discussion between the two circuses.....away from public sight.  Somehow.....without much explanation....a shot or two was fired, and one guy got hit in the leg.  One can only imagine it was one of those Mafia-style deals where you shoot at the guy's kneecap to make a point.  Five other folks had varying injuries....and were taken care of without much note.

Cops came and have done as much analysis as they can.  It's fairly evident that no one wants to talk about anything.

I'm guessing these circuses will quietly go into the night and disappear to some other town as quickly as possible.  So for one brief evening....there really was a pretty decent show to watch....but no one got a chance to pay and view it.  In fact....if the two circuses had advertised a circus versus circus "war"....with "battle royal" situations like they do on American TV....fifty thousand folks would have shown up and paid twenty Euro each ($28) to watch something like that.