Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Circus Versus Circus

This is a sad woeful tale.  For those who've never been to Germany....throughout the year....there's these bands of small mini-circuses that travel around the country.  It's what folks in the US used to see in the 1930s and 1940s.  You had a tent big enough for four hundred folks.  There's a 90-minute act of sorts, with twenty-odd performers.  There's at least one elephant in the act....a couple of horses....a clown or two....some gal in hot lusty tights....and always some knife-throwing going on.

They charge just enough to keep the circus going on but they aren't exactly becoming millionaires at this act.  What drives them?  I suspect folks just like the act of driving around the country and just performing.

So this tale kinda unfolds this week.  In the past week in Germany.....out near Regansburg, which is deep into the southern part of Germany....two of these circus "clans" meet up in the same town at the same time.  It's a rare thing that this would ever happen....where two pick the same town for the same weekend.

There is this unwritten rule that things like this shouldn't happen because you are taking away business from one of the circus groups.

Naturally, there came a discussion between the two circuses.....away from public sight.  Somehow.....without much explanation....a shot or two was fired, and one guy got hit in the leg.  One can only imagine it was one of those Mafia-style deals where you shoot at the guy's kneecap to make a point.  Five other folks had varying injuries....and were taken care of without much note.

Cops came and have done as much analysis as they can.  It's fairly evident that no one wants to talk about anything.

I'm guessing these circuses will quietly go into the night and disappear to some other town as quickly as possible.  So for one brief evening....there really was a pretty decent show to watch....but no one got a chance to pay and view it.  In fact....if the two circuses had advertised a circus versus circus "war"....with "battle royal" situations like they do on American TV....fifty thousand folks would have shown up and paid twenty Euro each ($28) to watch something like that.

Simply Observations

If you didn't notice yesterday...there was an odd thing to happen in Syria.  The government in Syria finally decided to life that state of emergency they had.  Naturally, you'd pause and think that this started recently when the problems popped up.....about six weeks ago.  No....the state of emergency has been officially in effect for almost fifty years.  I pondered over this.  Here was a legitimate government which had gone on and on with emergency powers in effect for the leadership and the cops.  Imagine for a moment the US under such a scheme....course, it wouldn't be right to bring up state of emergency in effect since 9-11.  Yep, it just wouldn't be right.  We'd have forty years more to go match up with Syria, just if you were wondering.

The WikiLeaks kid....Private Manning....who started up this massive dump of classified data?  The military came up and decided that he needed better accommodations.  So he's going to be moved shortly....out to Kansas.  Somewhere in the midst of the Pentagon chat about this move....they kinda hinted that this is the intended place where Manning is expected to spend the rest of his life at anyway.  I would imagine after a month....even Manning will begin to realize that he's got a good seventy odd years of life ahead of all be spent in Kansas.....all by his choice.

Finally....I doubt if you noticed it....but the Minnesota Department of Transportation is conducting a test.  In fact, they are searching for volunteers to participate in this test.  The deal is....they'd like to have a terrific tax system for cars....where taxes all relate to miles driven.  Deep down, in their gut....they know you guys are quietly switching over to more fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles.  So you can relate that to gas consumption where taxes are gathered from.  They really can't allow you to get away with this.  So new taxation methods have to be developed.  The odds of you guys knowing your mechanic Gus and having a special speedometer switched in each year when the review occurs?  Probably better than fifty percent.

An Alternate History Moment

Only something to suggest.

Since there are no opponents for President Obama...there really won't be any serious attention to Democratic primaries in the spring of 2012.  In fact, if you were a Democrat sitting around in Tennessee or Kansas or Texas....why bother registering and voting in that primary?

So you'd sit there and pause a while....and then think about voting in the Republican primary.  You'd have three big-time players, and another seven players.  You could create a situation where Huck only wins six states total.  Maybe Romney wins eight states total.  Maybe Palin picks up five states.  Maybe Bachmann picks up five states.

So the Republicans sit there in July at the convention and fight up a storm over five or six guys with no clear win capability.  In fact, so many folks are terribly upset with the negotiations going on....that when they finally arrange for Huck to win (which they'd likely do)....four Republicans out of ten just won't vote for the guy.

So this Trump guy is out there.  He didn't put a penny into the primary.  He's just grinning.  To be honest, Trump is a loser in most aspects and just not presidential material.

But it's a funny thing.....Trump sat there in the spring of 2011 and realized this now he's prepared to run.

So the election goes forward with three characters.  Most independents won't go back to President Obama.  Only sixty percent of Republicans can really vote for Huck.  What remains is a oddball group that somehow takes six states for Trump.

Amusingly enough, none of the three have enough votes to carry the electoral college.  So the top two winners walk into the senate (Huck and Obama).  There's a majority of Democrats in the senate (by the written code of election matters after the electoral college fails) President Obama wins by Senate vote.  In a curious matter....the house gets all three VP candidates....and puts a Republican into the VP position.

Not to say this is a precise science, and I still believe that Trump is a bogus candidate....but it's a funny way to win an election if you really didn't have the votes with anyone else beside Huck.