Monday, 9 May 2011

Just Observations

Johhny Depp has come out and agreed to do the Lone Ranger.  Strangely commented that he doesn't want Tonto be a wussie Indian and take orders from the Lone Ranger.  Tonto needs to be aggressive and manly.  I tried to make sense out of this but frankly.....if I had to pick anyone to play the Lone Ranger....Johnny Depp would be around number twenty-five down on my list.

Pakistan came out and said they were real upset with the US about this bin Laden business.  They said...if the US does it again....they will come back with "full force".  I sat and pondered over what the heck full force meant from Pakistan.  Obviously....they might invade Mobile or Charleston....but then what?  Would they come and beat up the Chicago Bears starting line-up?  Would they shoot out the tires of some school bus in Dothan, Bama? Then this White House Press Secretary....Jay Carney....spoke up and said that President Obama reserves the right to enter Pakistani territory, and basically whoop up or capture or kill just about any terror suspect....if Pakistan does nothing.  At this point....the Bama National Guard has not been alerted, and we can assume that Pakistan's threat isn't worth much.

Someone woke up this weekend and noticed that while there is a "do-not-ride" list in existence for Islamic guys in the US who could possibly be a threat....there is not a "do-not-sell" list for Islamic guy on weapons.  So they can still walk in and buy a rifle if they wanted to.  I'm pretty sure some dimwit senator will fix that in a week or two.

There is a great article over at the British Telegraph today...warning of global warming (not climate change or global cooling).  Basically....the doom and gloom is about temperatures to hit 40C this summer (roughly 104F)....which will lead to breakdowns on the railways of the UK.  Adding to this....the heatwaves will intensify and trigger a lack of WI-FI.  Yeah....that actually got mentioned that you'd suffer without WI-FI.  It would be a woeful period.  I sat there....kinda wondering how WI-FI is harmed in Tucson, AZ....where the temperature regularly gets up in July to 44C (112F).  Yes, it must be terrible in Tucson without WI-FI.  Strangely, enough...everyone functions ok there and no one has ever noted a lack of WI-FI.  So I kept wondering if maybe another dimwit is working on their global warming scare.

Just Observations

First, a note today from which talks about tuition costs in relation to the escalation of housing costs (in California).  It's an interesting trend how both a house mortgage situation and a college tuition situation kinda went hand-in-hand....up until the last couple of years.  Tuition continues to escalate and no one is sure when it will ever slow down.

Senator Schumer out of New York proposing AMTRAK start up a "no-ride" list for Muslim fanatics.  It's generally hard enough to get regular customers to ride this will probably take another couple hundred passengers off their list.  Eventually, I suspect that Trailways and Greyhound will do the same thing with buses.

After watching these video clips of bin Laden and the various pictures of him in get the impression that he kinda considered himself the Charlie Sheen of Islam.  He was pumped up and doing these "show-DVDs".  Oh, and the house that folks talked about being worth $1 million?  Well....the local real estate folks there have gone and evaluated the house at $250k max.  So even in Pakistan.....he wasn't living in a mansion of sorts.

Germany finally decided it had all the ducks in a row and will start its long awaited census....almost twenty-five years since the last episode. Privacy experts got all upset and dragged up question after question when they organized the last attempt.  They've had to water down the questions to make everyone they basically ask "are you here?", and "how old are you".  The intent is to do ten percent of the 82 million Germans.  There is some speculation.....that there just might not be 82 million residents in the country.....but it's best not to bring up that idea that they might be a million short of that number.