Monday, 16 May 2011

Just Observations

Allow me to introduce International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief... Dominique Strauss-Kahn (hereby to be known as DSK.  DSK was arrested in New York City as he was boarding the plane to leave for France.  The sexual crimes charge against him....was such.....that they aren't offering bail at present because they think he will run.  This all has a familiar ring to Al Gore's massage therapist episode.  I suspect that DSK thought the maid would conduct herself in a manner he was used to.....he'd pay her $300....and just walk away.  I also suspect that he's on some medication that causes you to act nutty at various nuts (he will likely say that).  All in all....for the IMF folks....DSK is finished.  Between the DNA evidence and blood on the floor....he's got a lousy case.  He could very well end up a year in a New York City jail.

Fox came up today and announced that America's Most Wanted cancelled.  After umpteen years, the network is kinda admitting that between the advertising revenue and cost it requires to produce each show.....they can't continue this trend.  America's Most Wanted says they will find another network, although my best guess is that they are limited to the History Channel and BRAVO.  Currently, the History Channel is taking huge numbers on Monday night and it might be a great lead-in to take even bigger numbers.

Is college worth it?  Evidentially, around 57 percent of Americans say no.  I sat and paused over this poll.  When you sit down and examine the forty classes that it tends to earn a start to shake your head after the whole experience is over and you have the degree.  At least five of the forty classes are completely worthless.  Another ten might be nice to have (Roman history, photography, American Civil War), but then you remember your degree was in electrical engineering.  The professors will tell you that these other oddball classes refined you.....but then you ask how refining relates to revenue in life, and none of the professors can answer that.

The Kutcher kid from The Seventies Show....replacing Charlie Sheen on 2.5 Men?  I'm guessing he'll excite some folks and maybe bigger numbers will occur for the first six shows....then level off....and it'll be ten percent less viewers by the end of next season.  Frankly, you can't bring Charlie back....and I'd be more of the mind to just end the a high point.

Finally, Stephen Hawking laid out a dramatic piece today.....Heaven doesn't exist.  The physicist has spent over three decades trying to explain science in a simple fashion to the public.....with mixed results.  The facts to heaven not existing?  That was a problem as I read into his commentary.  He can't produce absolute facts. He just says to trust him....he knows.  Basically, you are back to the same level as ministers, popes, or religious folks....who do you trust?

Simply Observations

So Huckabee won't be running for President?  Shocked?  I think half the Republicans out there really aren't surprised, and most independents aren't either.  The Huck simply wasn't going to carry any major weight beyond twelve key southern states, and he finally came to realize that.

NBC has lifted the curtain and told everyone that for the new season coming up in four months....some show called the "Playboy Club" (invoking the 1960s blend of time) will be on their lineup.  I'd predict that this show barely makes it through the season before being cancelled.  It just has that ring about it to be a failure.

The long awaited Wonder Woman series for this fall's TV lineup?  Gone.  For some reason, it just wasn't getting any audience noise as they showed it around.  It's hard to imagine....a hot lusty Amazon a spandex suit....and it won't sell?  So we'll sit back and wait for the movie eventually where Batman and Wonder Woman finally meet....maybe?

In Bama....back in early April....the state Department of Public Safety announced this program to decrease fuel usage and fuel costs for the Bama Highway Patrol.   The curious thing is that over the next month....folks started to notice a trend....fewer traffic tickets on the interstate and major Bama roads.  Last year, from 1 Jan to 1 May....there were 3,569 traffic tickets in one particular district court.  Well....they are down to 2,295 tickets for the same period.  Some folks are now starting to analyze the trend and are a bit worried.  Various agencies count on the revenue from traffic tickets.....and it's not a good thing for them if they don't bring in the fines.  The curious thing here is that gas prices will continue their upward trend.....and the cops will eventually find another order to decrease driving even more.

Finally, in Europe....McDonalds is doing something a bit odd....getting rid of the 'front' guys.  You can walk into a number of McDonalds throughout Europe and find a touchscreen menu and the ability to swipe your credit card, then you walk up to pick up your bag and soda.  No one is saying much over the deal....other than it's an experiment in the making.  I suspect that most old folks will not be happy about this technology introduction and every McDonalds will still have a guy or two at the counter for them.  But we might be looking at the next major change in fast-food shopping.